Many Receive Christ at Open-Air Meetings

February 23, 2012

Punjab Ministries of India regularly conducts outside evangelistic outreaches in North India. In 2011, when the missionary team held an open- air meeting in one of the villages, they reported a wonderful work of God among the crowd of about 250 people. After they gathered, the missionary preached the gospel and 19 villagers repented from their sin and received Jesus Christ as their Savior. Afterward, 14 of them were baptized.

In another town, the team was invited for a second time to a community to share the gospel. The people there honored the missionaries with garlands, according to the Indian customs. The leader wrote, “We give thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ, Who gave us an opportunity to go to the same village again. All the people were so happy to hear the gospel. Five more folks received Christ as their personal Savior. All the glory goes to our Lord Jesus Christ. Pray that God will continually do wonderful works in that village.”

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