Indigenous Missions at Work in China

March 7, 2012

The greatest need in China has been to find and train house church leaders to lead the rising generation of new believers. Over the years, Christian Aid has helped to establish a total of 155 Bible institutes and missionary training centers, with one or more located in every province of China. Many of these schools were short-term institutes that closed after serving their purpose. Some have been merged with others to share in resources and teachers. More than fifty of these strategic Bible schools continue to operate and produce Bible-believing, evangelistic pastors and teachers. Thousands of graduates are now working throughout all of China to plant house churches through which millions of souls have come to Christ.

Bible institutes and missionary training centers supported by Christian Aid have prepared and sent out more than 50,000 native missionaries and Christian workers in China.

Once students are trained they return to their home communities where they train others. In addition, all are equipped to start and lead house churches and home fellowships where Christians gather for study, worship and prayer.

True believers cannot hold meetings in public facilities, so they gather in homes or offices, such as the one at right, where Christian Aid’s staff missionary Dorothy Sun shares her testimony on a recent visit.

Missionaries in China have opportunities to help new believers who have come out of difficult situations. Under the direction of a Bible school graduate, they gather to learn from the Scriptures and to encourage one another.

Many more leaders are needed to fill the hundreds of new churches being planted every day. Christian Aid is seeking support of at least $6000 annually for each of the 151 Bible institutes in China. They cannot go out and raise funds the way Bible schools do in America; if they did so the Communists might out their leaders in jail and close them down. Each year $906,000 is needed to help support all of those Bible institutes. Your gifts are vitally important for training a multitude of Christian gospel workers who can fill the gaps in leadership still existing in China.