Update: Indigenous Missionaries Struggle with the effects of Typhoon Washi, comfort the survivors

Second Update

Approximately two months after typhoon Washi struck we received a second update on this ministry’s activities.

"More than two months after typhoon Washi struck, many if not most of the people affected are just starting to recover. By God’s grace, we were able to address some needs that were within the resources He gave us (thru good Samaritans). In Cagayan de Oro, since most of the material help coming from government and other groups are already waning, we tried to do our part the best way we can. We regularly shared some cooked food to the flood victims by conducting feeding sessions every Saturday. We were able to feed approximately 1,200 people (children and adults) from four evacuation centers. Of course the Gospel was shared to them before giving them food. Free medical and dental clinics were also extended to the typhoon victims. Approximately 350 people (children and adults) received free medical and dental consultation and medicines. We hope to conduct feeding sessions and free clinics as long as resources are available. We had also shared a minimal amount to two families whose houses were destroyed by the typhoon, for the purchase of construction materials. A substantial amount was also set aside for livelihood projects for the victims. We distributed some relief goods to children (most of whom are attending bible studies) in areas affected by the typhoon but not flooded. In Iligan city, the brethren are regularly conducting feeding sessions. About 40 to 50 people are being fed every Sunday. They have also reserved some amount for livelihood projects for the victims.

With regards to the shelter needs of the victims (both in Iligan and Cagayan de Oro), we are still awaiting for the government’s decision on the evacuees’ final housing assignments. In the meantime, housing units are now being constructed by local government authorities. In addition to the feeding and free medical clinics we have conducted, regular debriefing are being done regularly by some of our members. These activities are very crucial and in a critical time since many victims are starting to get hopeless and depressed. Some have committed suicides. As the patients are debriefed, the Gospel is incorporated and many responded positively. One good thing that happened as a result of the services we rendered to the victims was that, some who responded to the Gospel are now having Bible studies, and are eager to know more about Christ. In fact, some of them are already attending our church worship services. Since the permanent shelters are not yet finished, those who opted to repair their destroyed houses were extended some financial assistance. We are looking for possible livelihood projects we can extend to them. Overall, we have seen people respond to spiritual things, in spite of the tragedy they experienced. Pray that this will be the beginning of a new life and new hope, as they know more about God’s Word, and God’s purposes for their lives."

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