NIGERIA: Boko Haram Terrorist Threat Continues

Increasing Danger for Native Missionaries on the Frontlines

January 10, 2013

By Rae Burnett, Africa Director

Once again Boko Haram has targeted Yola, Nigeria, headquarters of an indigenous ministry helped by Christian Aid since 1986. Multiple attacks killed 20+ last year. Just last week four more were killed, including a grandmother and grandchild burned to death in their home.

I received this email today:

Dear Rae,

All day we could not leave our home because the Boko Haram terrorists threatened to attack Yola today. They destroyed a police station, killing soldiers and police, and threatened to come to Yola. We are very careful now; every day we live with the threat of death for ourselves, our children, and the staff who lives here with us.

In an official letter to the Police Commissioner, terrorist spokesmen threatened to make Yola another center and target of their operations. This week they used mortar weapons and heavy machinery to attack the police station. We are all shaking.

I know you want me to keep you informed of the dangers we are facing. I have explained that the attacks from Boko Haram are too frequent. We would be writing of them every day.

Greetings from all of us in the ministry. We love and appreciate you all so much for your prayers and all the help you have given us.

PLEASE help us build on our land, so we can move.

In Him, A Native Missionary Ministry Leader

This ministry has 183 workers planting churches and discipling converts among unreached Muslim and animist tribes throughout Nigeria. They have moved out of the office they rented for more than 20 years, and are now working quietly out of the ministry leader's home, as they pray for finances to relocate. Christian Aid has enabled them to buy land in a safer, more centralized location. They need funds to build simple offices and staff housing. See links below for more information/past articles. Following is a list of needs for 2013 to enable the ministry to move forward in reaching those who have never heard the gospel:

Building our office and furnishing, including relocation and cost of movement, staff accommodations and other fees - $80,000 in stages.

A one year course in the School of Missions for 16 English-speaking and 21 Hausa-speaking Nigerian trainees - $600/student/year.

Posting and settling 38 new missionaries, who just graduated on December 23rd to new fields. This will include transportation, new stations, building or renting simple homes, motor bikes and other necessities for families  - $10,000.

Completing and providing materials for the Muslim Convert Care Center, which needs four sewing machines, one grinding machine, mosquito nets, food, building one additional building, and two motorcycles - $4,500. This is where all our Muslim converts are protected while being discipled.

Monthly support for missionaries and school fees for their children. None of our missionaries is on salary. They live by faith - $5600.

At least 16 motorcycles are urgently needed for fields in the far north with 87-99% Muslims - $1000.

The Africa Division of Christian Aid has set up a fund to support the missionary work of persecuted native ministries. Let us not miss these opportunities to minister and bring many into the kingdom who would otherwise never hear the gospel. Please contact Christian Aid at or call 1 434 977 5650 if you have any questions about the work.