Indigenous Ministry Engages Hidden Tribes in Latin America

January 31, 2012

The lame walk, the blind see, the hungry eat, and captives are set free, as indigenous missionaries press through persecution and journey days across jagged terrains so the next unreached village will hear the gospel in Latin America.

Native Wichi elderly woman.

“Many Wichi and Guarani brothers have never heard the message of Christ,” one new believer told Francisco Mendez, an indigenous missionary ministering with Associated Ministries of Argentina. A village chief in the province of Salta, this man received Jesus and begged Mendez to bring the gospel to the 40 Wichi communities who had no witness for Christ among them. As a result, hundreds of indigenous people believed, even when one influential man tried to stop the preaching of the gospel. Mendez and his team prayed fervently for this man, and God answered immediately.

“God touched the heart of this man, and he received Jesus into his heart,” Mendez wrote to Christian Aid. “Now Ernesto has written new letters to the government asking that the evangelistic team and I not be stopped.”

“When I see the people receiving Christ and forsaking their idols, the miracles and healings that God is performing, I feel an enormous joy and I praise the Lord,” Mendez shared.

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