Huge Potential for Gospel Advancement in Guinea-Conakry

February 26, 2013

Locked in the bondage of Islam and idol worship, the spiritually impoverished people of Guinea-Conakry are beginning to awaken to the hope found in Christ. When three students attended a gospel conference held by a Christian Aid-supported ministry in neighboring Senegal, they brought this hope back to their people with astounding results.

Guinea-Conakry, a nation of 10 million people, is a country of tremendous unseen potential. Massive mineral, gold, and diamond reserves remain untapped. Soil and water conditions, perfect for agriculture, are underutilized. A history of Marxism, political instability, human rights violations, and an extremely low literacy rate has kept the country woefully undeveloped.

Yet more tragic than the unrealized economic potential has been the unrealized potential for the growth of God´s Kingdom in this spiritually dark nation.

An explosion of the gospel in Senegal, the country to Guinea´s north, however, has reversed its seemingly dismal destiny.

Through the work of Sadio Absoma, ministry leader of Life Missions Africa, hundreds of people are becoming believers each week in Senegal. A young men´s conference, held several years ago, sparked the explosion that has brought so many to Christ.

Until that conference, most tribes did not have even one Christian among them. Now, believers from every Senegalese tribe are being discipled by the ministry.

With funds from Christian Aid, LMA has been able to hold a conference every year since, producing new believers who are planting cell group churches every week throughout the country.

The movement has reached far beyond the border of Senegal, as visitors from surrounding nations are now attending the conferences. A melting pot in Africa, Senegal is a gathering place for businessmen, refugees, and students throughout the continent.

Last Christmas, three of these students from Guinea-Conakry attended a conference. Born again through the teaching they heard, the three returned to Guinea to share the gospel with their friends and families.

One of the three students, Bertran Blanc, led his fiancée to Christ. She desires to join him in ministry, yet her father, a prominent Muslim in Guinea, will not permit her to marry him. A dowry of approximately $1,000, as the custom demands, is the only thing that will release her from her father´s household. Christian Aid is praying for the funds to provide for this important need.

As the students continued to share the message of Christ, they were met with receptivity and an interest to learn more. Realizing the need for a conference like the one they attended in Senegal, they requested help from Sadio.

Christian Aid provided funds for him to speak to a group of 60 in Guinea, which has produced 30 committed disciples who immediately began evangelizing their communities.

One of these disciples, a university professor, started five cell groups among his students. Other cell groups have formed in the capital city and in remote villages.

Now, 19 believers want to attend Christian Aid-supported Africa School of Missions for intensive discipleship and missions training. Christian Aid is asking supporters to pray for $600 needed per student to complete this crucial training.

Like Senegal, Guinea-Conakry is ripe for the harvest. With the proper training, serious believers can build the Kingdom of God in their nation with all its life-transforming potential.

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