Terrorists Strike Near Mission Field

April 03, 2013

In a recent report to Christian Aid Mission, Gabriel Barau, ministry leader of Missionary Crusaders Ministries in Nigeria, reports:

“About five days ago, very close to one of our fields, 30 gun men walked into the town, destroyed the police station, released more than 100 prisoners, and killed 64 persons instantly. That is the tension we have in the northeast every day. We sincerely need your prayers to raise the funds needed to move our headquarters office to a safe location.”

For more than 20 years, Barau has rented an office headquarters in Adamawa State, site of this most recent deadly attack. Yet the endless barrage of attacks from Islamic terrorist group, Boko Haram, has kept MCM missionaries from using the office. Small and crowded, Barau´s home acts as a temporary shelter for ministry work until funds can be raised to complete construction on a new headquarters in a safer location.

“Every day we live with the threat of death for ourselves, our children, and the staff who lives here with us,” Barau reports.

Despite the danger of being attacked by the terrorists, MCM workers are committed to remaining at their mission fields. Living by faith, they are in need of steady monthly support and school fees for their children.

Monthly sponsorships are available for MCM missionaries through Christian Aid Mission, and start at $50.

Construction of a new headquarters in a safer, more centralized location has begun on a piece of land provided by Christian Aid Mission. Smaller donations toward this need are always welcomed and can be used to build in stages.