A League of Her Own

April 24, 2013

77-year-old China director brings words of encouragement, challenge to Taiwan donors

She survived the Japanese invasion of her hometown during World War II. For two decades she endured backbreaking labor and near starvation in a communist prison. And last August her husband passed away after 45 years of life lived as a team. These may sound like misfortunes, but don´t feel sorry for Dorothy Sun. She is a woman on a mission.

As co-director for the China division of Christian Aid Mission for the past 26 years, the indomitable Sun has been a force. A “Mu Bao Dao Shiang De Ren”, as they would say in her native country.

Sun recently returned from a four-week whirlwind speaking tour across Taiwan, where she thanked Christian Aid donors for their support of ministries in China. Her hectic schedule would be exhausting for anyone, let alone a 77-year-old widow.

“They called me ´energetic old lady,´” said Sun, who received a warm welcome as she gave presentations at dozens of churches. “They told me, ´We are glad you have come again. You are our spiritual mom.´”

Based in Taiwan, the Chinese Christian Evangelistic Association and its network of churches have worked with Christian Aid for 15 years. Many of these congregations consider Dorothy and Freddie Sun an extension of their church family, and they are accustomed to the couple´s annual pilgrimage to Taiwan and to mainland China.

With Freddie´s work on earth completed, Dorothy felt a trip was all the more paramount to assure donors the projects Christian Aid assists in China are not only continuing, but thriving.

The Suns joined Christian Aid in 1987 and worked tirelessly to establish the China division. Their desire was to train house church leaders, who could in turn teach and disciple other believers in their communities.

Since then God has abundantly blessed their efforts, as Christian Aid has helped 155 Bible institutes and missionary training centers in every province of China. Some schools were intended to operate on a short-term basis, but over 50 continue to produce a wellspring of courageous pastors and teachers, who are eager to share the gospel despite ongoing persecution.

These learning centers have now equipped and encouraged more than 50,000 Chinese missionaries and church leaders.

As Dorothy offered thanks to Taiwanese Christians for their generosity, she encouraged them to continue praying fervently for their persecuted brothers and sisters in mainland China.

“I reminded them that we are the same people. Our differences are political in nature between the free government of Taiwan and the communist government in China,” Sun explained. “As Christians we are one with the same God, same traditions. And as Christians, we need to have that same oneness not just with those living in China, but with believers all over the world.”

“Freddie already finished his race, but I am still running mine. As long as I live, I will be involved with Christian Aid and work for God´s kingdom,” she said.

“No one can stop me from serving the Lord. I will serve Him until my last breath.”

Dorothy Sun´s book Clay in the Potter´s Hand will be available soon as an e-book. Stay tuned to this website for futher details.