Kenya Floods Leave Massive Wake

June 06, 2013

Kenya´s infamous rainy season, striking annually between March and May, has been especially devastating this year. The relentless downpours have taken the lives of nearly 100 people and forced tens of thousands from their homes.

The deluge has destroyed crops, drowned farm animals, and flooded homes, several of which belonged to disciples and native missionaries working with Christian Aid-assisted Kenya Evangelism Team.

Ministry leader Sylvester Okang´o reports, “The rain has caused floods in flat, swampy areas throughout the country. Many lives have been lost, including school-aged children. Millions of dollars of property has been lost. Pray for those affected who are struggling to find shelter, and are in great need of food, medicine, clothing, and bedding.”

Destruction of infrastructure, including latrines, has resulted in contamination of water sources and the spread of water-borne illnesses.

Government officials, offering minimal to no help, have called upon churches and Christian ministries to provide aid to the needy.

Okang´o is praying for funds to rebuild missionary homes ($2,000 each), and provide food ($50 for a sack of beans or maize), mattresses ($20 each), and blankets ($10 each) to those affected, while sharing the message of Christ.

Despite the difficulties created by the flooding, KET missionaries have continued to persevere, taking every opportunity to share the gospel with the hurting and destitute.

“We have been traveling in difficulty because of heavy rains that have made our roads impassable, but we have managed to reach where the Lord enables us to go,” Okang´o reports. “Missionaries are busy going out without fear to spread the good news of the kingdom of heaven, and many souls have been won to Christ.”

Recently the ministry held a five–day youth seminar at their headquarters in Kitale. According to Okang´o, “We saw God´s power working out miracles of salvation, healing, and deliverance. Out of the 250 youth that came, 28 received Christ as their Lord and Savior.”