Prayer Alert for Egypt

August 15, 2013

A ministry partner in Egypt contacted Christian Aid this week, describing the situation in the streets as “really dangerous and urgent.” The following report is an excerpt from his email:

Today the army and police were removing the two sit-ins of the Brotherhoods. To take revenge they attacked any person they met. We were passing by them and they insulted and threatened us, but God saved us.

Not all Christians were lucky like us. Many were attacked and many churches were burned all over Egypt. Many Bible stores have been destroyed.

We are now at our annual leadership conference that we reached safely, but we don´t know how we will return home next Friday if the situation is still like that. Roads are closed, a curfew has been ordered, and the Brotherhood is in the streets killing policemen and holding war with the army and people, especially Christians. (It is so easy to recognize Christians in our country, particularly women. Muslim women wear veils; Christian women do not.)

We need many prayers as much as you can for safety and for the sadness which overwhelms us all, especially Christians as their churches were burned.

Christian Aid Mission assists several Egyptian ministries that share the good news of Jesus Christ through door-to-door evangelism, Bible distribution, and the planting of church fellowships. In addition, they offer vocational training courses and provide compassionate care to the elderly and the poor.

“The missionaries we are standing with are staying true to their vision. They are moving forward for the cause of Christ, even in the midst of the turmoil. They are determined to finish well,” says the Africa area director for Christian Aid Mission.

“In this season they need to know that we are earnestly praying for them. Pray that our Lord would manifest himself to them daily and that they would be encouraged,” he said.

Please pray: