Guerrillas in the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) have terrorized the rural and jungle regions of Colombia for decades. They target Christian leaders who decry the violence and counteract their attempts to recruit soldiers, especially young people. As a result, pastors and missionaries face grave dangers as they continue their work in these hostile areas. Gospel workers with Vineyard of Colombia have led several guerrilla fighters to Christ. In retaliation, guerrilla commanders have shut down churches and chased pastors from villages.

One missionary told Christian Aid: “The Lord provided for me to travel and share the gospel at a very dangerous area in the region of Tamara where there are guerrilla people . They harassed me but I was able to share the gospel. During this year 14 people accepted Jesus as personal Savior and three decided to get baptized. I disciple the new believers, teaching them the Bible at their houses. I shared the gospel with a couple who used to belong to a guerrilla group. They surrendered their lives to Jesus and for that reason they were persecuted and harassed. Despite the difficulties they are firmly following the Lord and now we hold Bible studies at their house.”

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