“We Believe Thousands Will Come to Christ”

Faithful couple cares for children, reaches unreached Indian villages

She saw them in a dream: the needy ones. Children blind and lame surrounded her, and the angel, or someone, said, “They´re your responsibility.” In a second dream she saw the hand of God guiding her along a treacherous path. She knew God was speaking to her in her dreams. He was leading her to care for needy children, and she trusted Him to guide her.

With such clear instruction, Ruth and her husband, Nelson, began taking in impoverished children. At first, they shared their own humble bamboo house with the children. The immediate love and nourishment gave these children a sense of security, and the Bible lessons filled them with hope for their future. Later, with help from Christian Aid, Ruth and Nelson and their 50 or so children moved into a new building and added more dorms for Peace Children´s Home.

For years, this couple has faithfully forged a path for hundreds of children and youth as they´ve pulled them out of poverty in Gujarat, India, where there is virtually no Christian presence. They have given these tribal children a place to lay their heads, eat, grow and learn about the saving grace and love of Jesus Christ. God continues to add to their numbers. He also has expanded their reach.

As they give their lives to the Lord´s leadership, they cannot deny His command to “go and make disciples.” With prayer and fasting they committed to extend the ministry to share the gospel with people in some 30 villages, yet unreached with the gospel or without any active church or prayer cells. They have called this new mission Peace Home and Mission. It has taken eight years of steady discipleship work to cultivate new leaders. They saw firsthand that “the harvest is ready but the workers are few.”

Today, however, the ministry is exploding with salvations as people are seeking after and hungering for God with all their hearts. With faithful perseverance and steady prayer, hundreds are turning to the Lord.

“The work is moving forward quickly and people are hungry for the Lord,” Nelson wrote in a letter to Christian Aid. “Some more people are with us now and are working for the Lord. We believe that thousands of people will come to Christ, and we will have a great fellowship of Christ at Peace.

“We praise and thank God for His grace in bringing many villagers to Christ,” he said. “Much has been accomplished, but much remains to be done. We cannot do it alone. Please continue to uphold us in your prayers and through your giving in this exciting evangelical endeavor.”