Three Years Later, It is Day-to-Day Survival for Christians in Syria

March 21, 2014

Christian Aid Mission received the following report from a Jordanian ministry, describing the situation inside Syria and a few hard-won victories that inspire them to press on.

“Greetings in our Lord´s holy name. Many of you have been asking us for news and stories. Even though we are physically closer to Syria, the reports we receive are not clear and are sometimes conflicting. What is certain is that the situation continues to be one of concern and anxiety to Christians in the region and around the world.

“[We have] many stories about the conflict´s effect on Christians. In one Christian town, believers were caught between the resistance and the regime. On one side, armed gangs of ‘freedom fighters’ directly terrorized the Christian population, threatening them with attacks on their homes, clinics, and offices. On the other side, the Syrian regime targeted these fighters by shelling the town, destroying most of the residents´ houses. Forced to leave with nothing but the clothes on their backs, most of the former residents are now refugees in Damascus.

“As need continues to grow, the church in Syria and Jordan is doing all it can for the displaced. We are giving out food parcels, clothes, medicines, and cash for rent and utilities. We are told that what we´ve offered comes nowhere near to covering all the families´ needs. At the same time, we hope, pray, and continue to try. The greatest needs right now are for medication, particularly for chronic conditions like hypertension and diabetes, as well as general antibiotics and vitamins. While these goods are on the market in the area, their prices have at least tripled. We cannot send shipments of gifts-in-kind into Syria, but funds can and do go through.

“Many churches within Syria are ready to receive funds and purchase relief material for the displaced. One Syrian church has a large ministry for displaced Syrians within the country. Their Friday service has grown to around 600 in attendance, and many have come to a real walk with the Lord. The church also ministers through individual visits outside its physical grounds. It worked with the Red Crescent committee until recently, when declining security and increasing checkpoints forced the NGO to stop. The church´s ministry is continuing on its own. These ministries are supported by individual and personal donations, outside donations, and the church body itself. While we continue to reach out to refugees in Jordan, we are also helping our brothers and sisters of the church inside Syria, and we invite you to take part in the ministry, as well.

“May our Lord use us to encourage and strengthen our brothers and sisters who are going through hardships both within and without Syria. May His grace and peace rule their hearts in spite of the surrounding chaos.”

The Jordanian ministry is seeking assistance to purchase food packages ($75 to feed one Syrian family for a week) and Bibles ($5 each). Medical needs are equally pressing. A gift of $20 will help buy antibiotics, diabetic medication, and other basic medical supplies. General surgeries cost approximately $2,000.

*(name changed)