Church bombings leave 35 Christians dead, dozens injured

March 18, 2015

Christian churches in Pakistan are targets of extremist violence [file photo].

Terrorist bombs killed 35 Christians attending church in Lahore, Pakistan, on Sunday (March 15), according to a report sent to Christian Aid Mission by a local ministry. Dozens more were injured, with many of those in critical condition.

“Please pray for us [that] God may heal the injured and save us from more bomb attacks and terrorism,” wrote one indigenous pastor whose name cannot be released for security reasons. Christians and other religious minorities are being targeted by extremist Sunni Muslim militants, with these bombings bringing the violence to a new level.

Sadly, a crowd of local Christians retaliated by beating, then killing two men suspected of being involved with the terrorist attack.

Leaders of native ministries in the area tell Christian Aid that they are pleading for restraint on the part of Christians. They understand that hatred is a natural reaction to such brutal attacks, but that, as Christians, their response must be love.

The ministries – which are assisted by Christian Aid – are asking for the prayers of their brothers and sisters in Christ around the world at this difficult time, that their hearts would be filled with love for those who seek their deaths.

Also, they need to raise funds to help pay funeral expenses, medical care, counseling, and more for the many victims of this horrific attack.