Amazing Growth in China

Christian Aid began helping Bible institutes in China in 1992

Through Christian Aid supporters many Bible institutes have been launched throughout China. In 1992 two indigenous Bible schools received support and today, steady contributions from Christian Aid supporters have resulted in over 50 active training schools, at least one in every province!

China director, Dr. Freddie Sun, travels all over China every year to visit some of the schools Christian Aid is assisting. He monitors, evaluates and reports on their progress, as well as finding any special needs that should be considered. Each of these schools provides discipleship training for 25 to 200 students a year.

By the grace of God, and with help from Christian Aid supporters, students are graduating from these colleges, training centers and seminaries well equipped to impart wisdom, leadership and deeper spirituality to their disciples. Many of these disciples will become teachers themselves or they will serve as missionaries, church planters or pastors.

Better Facilities. In the past, schools run by underground house churches did not have adequate buildings and were secretly operating out of rented houses or empty, unheated factories.

Not only were they vulnerable to spies, they had no control over the facilities. They could not remodel to suit their needs for a proper school environment.

Today, with help from faithful Christian Aid supporters, many new facilities have been built.

Better Teachers. The majority of Bible schools assisted by Christian Aid have teachers who either graduated from their own Bible schools or a theological seminary. Many of them have suffered for Christ.

Better Curriculum. While they still offer basic training for missionaries and local church workers, some of the schools are now able to offer seminary-level (including a Master´s Degree) courses for those wishing to further their Christian education. For these students, New Testament Greek and Old Testament Hebrew are being taught.

Better Opportunities. Many of the larger schools assisted by Christian Aid are also operating satellite training centers in surrounding towns and villages. They also offer night courses for those who are unable to attend full-time.