How One Million Became 100 Million

The growth of Christianity in China through the work of Chinese Christians.

"Don't you know your presence here makes it more difficult for us?"

Those words were spoken by a Chinese elder to Bob Finley after he landed in China to do missionary work in 1948. Soon the Communists took over and all 6000 foreign missionaries had to leave.

Many thought the one million Christians of China would dwindle away to nothing. Many suffered excruciating tortures and humiliating forced labor. But out of sight true believers were winning their neighbors to Christ and God raised up apostles from their midst. It seemed the more pressure the atheistic communists put on society, the more the people hungered for the truth.

Among those who endured the communists´ wrath were Dorothy Chang and Freddie Sun. Dorothy was thrown into prison with prostitutes because she refused to accuse her Christian father of being an American spy. She served 20 long years in labor camps, hauling wheelbarrow loads of manure for the communist´s collective farms.

Freddie was an associate research geologist with the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing before being forced to serve ten years cleaning sewers and making T-joints in a pig-iron factory because of his Christian faith. Miraculously, they met while they were on house arrest and soon married.

Bible students are eager to take the Word of God back to their villages and beyond.

Now Freddie is a Christian T-joint connecting Christian Aid with thousands of house churches in China. During their time at Christian Aid they have been able to establish 50+ Bible schools in Mainland China. Including the satellite schools springing up from them, they train about 40,000 missionary workers.

Today, more than half a century after all the foreign missionaries left, there are well over 100 million believers inside China.

Every gift of any amount will help to keep Bible schools training Christians in China. It will help to provide for the facility, supply the teaching materials and equipment, and operating costs. Additional gifts make available pastor´s manuals and commentaries, assist the elderly and handicapped children, and train teachers for the millions of children belonging to the families that attend hundreds of thousands of churches all across China.