Prepared to Go

Thousands of Chinese workers are being trained to evangelize the unreached.

A mighty movement of God is surging through China, bringing historically unprecedented growth in Christianity. When the Communists took over in 1949, there were fewer than one million Protestants in China. Today the number is estimated to be 200 million.

Love gifts sent to Christian Aid's China division recently made possible the following projects designed to equip Christians to make disciples:

Freddie gives a Kazak language Bible to a Kazak man.

Antioch Mission Seminary is the first school of its kind in China, named for the city where the early church sent Paul and Barnabas, the first indigenous missionaries, back to their homelands to preach. Students study Biblical theology for four years, receive practical experience, then return to their home communities to reach Muslims and Tibetans.

Southwestern Ethnic Mission Seminary is in a strategic location in the north of Yunnan province among tribal groups such as the Miao, Yi and Lisu. Each student completes a two or four year program before returning to his home area to reach a tribe in its own language.

An exciting breakthrough in the last two years in Xinjiang province has been the development of Discipleship Training Centers for Kazak Christians in their own language. A two-year program of Bible and evangelism equips them to reach Kazak Muslims for Christ.

Contributions to Christian Aid have also helped the Ark Tibetan Handicapped Orphanage in Sichuan province. They provide safety and security for disabled, forsaken and poor orphans. Of the 7,000 children who suddenly lost their parents in the earthquake, the government assigned 34 children to the security of the Ark. These children are not only being cared for, but are coming to Christ. Gifts from Christian Aid have provided food and medicine for 68 orphans and insulated the Ark´s walls to provide protection from bitter winter weather.