Training 40,000 Missionaries Yearly

The first Bible School

Brother X struggled to train believers in his village. Born in southern Henan province, he had an experience with Christ on his deathbed. Revived, he went to Beijing to study theology. Then God called him to a place in northern Henan, where he struggled to train workers for his church.

Christian Aid´s Dr. Freddie Sun visited him in 1995 and saw his sincerity and how he was attempting to train 30 students in impoverished conditions. They met in shabby huts and had no electrical power; they had to use candles even in the daytime. When Dr. Sun returned again the next year, Bro. X had 40 students under his tutelage. "How much would it cost you to build adequate facilities?" Freddie asked. "$20,000," Bro. X replied. So Dr. Sun came back to the U.S. and sought offerings to support Bible schools in China. Soon he was able to send Bro. X $20,000.

Bro. X wasted no time and proved himself far more diligent than Dr. Sun had ever imagined. Bro. X gathered his co-workers and congregation and told them, "Nehemiah built the wall around Jerusalem in 52 days. My goal is to build a new church and Bible school building in 52 days."

Miraculously, on the 52nd day the entire building complex was finished. Then Bro. X did something very bold. He invited the Communist officials of his town to the opening ceremony. They were amazed. "You built all this in 52 days?" they asked. "It would have taken us at least a year." "You built all this with US$20,000?" another asked. "If we Communists had built this, it would have cost ten times as much."

Not all Bible schools are created equal, nor do all receive equal help from Christian Aid. Many receive small amounts. Dr. Sun calls it the "drip irrigation" method, a drip here, a drop there, with flourishing crops everywhere.

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