Ukraine: Instilling Hope in Little Hearts

The work of Father´s House began in 1996, when Roman Korniyko, a young doctor, started working with the homeless children of Kiev. The conditions in which these children lived troubled his heart. Many had made their homes in cellars, sewers and heating pipes throughout the city.

Uncle Roma, as he was called by the children, began to bring food, cooked by his wife, to his small friends. He invited them to his home for prayer, clean clothes and medical help.

With the help of other believers, Roman opened Father´s House, a two-room rented apartment that was crammed with bunk beds for 17 children. Another 20 came for aid throughout the day. Here, the children received spiritual, emotional and physical support.

In 1999, the Ukrainian authorities registered Father´s House International Charity Foundation, and the ministry is recognized on all levels as the leader among child care and support in Ukraine. It encompasses summer camps for homeless children, a rehabilitation center, vocational training centers, humanitarian aid programs and an adoption program.