Care Packages Delivered in the Name of Christ

"Relationships are key to unlocking doors to the gospel in the Arab world," says Abu Sahid, leader of networking ministries throughout the Middle East. "Our 'street evangelism' consists of going out and talking to people one-on-one in cities or villages.

"In order to gain admittance and build trust among people we want to reach, we go in the name of the Lord, carrying food staples, clothing, medicine, and other basic personal hygiene items. While we do have other approaches to ministry in different areas, this outreach is very effective in reaching certain neglected segments of society, especially in remote villages and desert communities."

In order for ministries to reach these isolated people, a vehicle is needed. But vehicles are very expensive in many Middle Eastern countries due to the rapidly developing economies. A durable four-wheel drive vehicle costs about $70,000! Abu´s ministry rents vehicles to carry the care packages to outlying areas where relationships are being established. Additional visits are planned to nurture these new friends.