Tools In His Hands

A skilled craftsman uses an array of valuable tools to create a thing of beauty. The results would be less satisfying if his toolbox contained only a file or hammer. Native missionaries have learned to extend the gospel of Christ through a host of tools that meet needs and communicate the Bible´s message meaningfully. In the Middle East, where restrictions can be a challenge, resourceful mission groups use their God-given ingenuity to fulfill the Great Commission.

In Iraq, the government has sanctioned Bible distribution in schools and universities, where it was not formerly permitted. Muslims are coming to Christ and churches are being established because the Word of God was put in their hands by indigenous Iraqi missionaries. In Jordan, bibles are available in a great number of languages. They are distributed to Asian laborers, hospital patients, and poor children who have fled Iraq.

In Lebanon, Radio programs are aired throughout Lebanon. It has been determined that 98% of the people rely on the spoken word, while 90% of the Christian media uses the printed word to evangelize. Missionaries are producing 15-minute Christian evangelistic programs which are made available on FM, medium wave, shortwave, satellite, and internet radio. In Egypt, Gospel teachers are using literacy and vocational education effectively in Egypt to show Christ´s love. They are delivering medicine and food supplies to the elderly through the "Granny Project." Christian technicians are providing latrines, clean water, and home repairs in Christ´s name, thus opening doors for the gospel.

Christian Aid and its many partners are privileged to work alongside God´s craftsmen on the front lines in the Middle East. They are skillfully and passionately seeking the lost with an assortment of powerful tools. Pray for and support this important work, as you are led by God.