Christian Aid Sends Help to Rebuild Training Center

In 2007 Sarla Mahara, South Asia Field Director for Christian Aid, was visiting a ministry to further assess their needs. She found that they owned a piece of land with an older building on it. The building looked as though it might accommodate the needs for a training base. "While it was structurally sound, it was in very poor condition – unsuitable for habitation due to years of neglect," Sarla reported. "Besides the renovations needed, it would also have to have additional structures added on."

By the grace of God, Christian Aid supporters responded to this project and funds were sent to begin the work. In 2008 the leader wrote, "We were able to renovate half of the training center with your help. Besides the necessary cleaning and repairs, we also put in two toilets, two bathrooms, two bedrooms and one attached bathroom with a toilet. Best of all, we were able to start our first training session for rural leaders. You may not recognize it without the old mud walls that were cracked and peeling."

Early in 2009, Christian Aid sent additional funds for building a new wing to the training center. In August the leader wrote to tell us that the ground floor was almost finished. They were able to divide the building into three separate classrooms using hard board partitions.