Camp Meetings

A respected Burmese Christian started a mission to reach people in places where many others will not go.

Now this missionary sends trained workers into unreached areas during the dry season (November through May) when people do not need to work the fields. Equipped with gospel songbooks, tracts, Bibles, and food, they go and set up camp.

After they arrive, the team cooks food for the people. This way, those who come can sit and listen to the gospel without interruption. Because there is little else going on in these poor villages, many stay from early morning until evening.

"Many churches have been planted because of these effective camp meetings, but we need to do more," writes the ministry leader. "We are very grateful to the Christian Aid family for providing a truck this year to expand the ministry. Using public transportation was expensive, inadequate, and time-consuming. Pickpockets were another problem. Praise God for His help in proclaiming the good news!"