Partners in Indigenous Missions

As they gained strength in the latter half of the twentieth century, many of the church groups in Latin America were persuaded to join the ranks of those sending missionaries abroad. They especially targeted Muslim countries.

The results were mostly negative. Their missionaries had the same difficulties learning the languages as gringos and were ill-prepared to engage in apologetics with Muslim theologians. Most returned thoroughly discouraged, determining not to have anything to do with missions ever again.

Then they began to hear about the new approach to missions advocated by Christian Aid. Instead of going to foreign fields at great expense, they could support effective native soul winners and church planters who already knew the culture and language. So today, while many countries in Latin America are still receiving help to minister to the poor and reach the unreached, Christians in Costa Rica, Brazil and Puerto Rico have awakened to this new opportunity. They now are giving sacrificially to advance the kingdom of God around the world by becoming partners in indigenous missions.