There is ROOM at the Inn

The vision given to Ismael from God began to materialize. First, God provided a vehicle in 1949 which allowed him to travel throughout Uruguay and preach the Word. Over time several men and women were quietly won into service with the Bible Army of Uruguay (BAU).

Ismael told Christian Aid, "Families from all over Uruguay find themselves in our midst for reasons of health. While they or a family member receive treatment at one of the local clinics or hospitals, the ministry provides free, temporary housing." This "inn" was established by Ismael and his wife, Sara, as an outreach ministry. Access to dormitories, showers and kitchens, is given to those who need shelter but cannot afford public accommodations. While passing through these facilities, thousands have witnessed the mercy of Christ, as BAU workers attended to their needs.

Bibles, New Testaments and other Christian literature are distributed throughout the Inn, and copies are available free of charge. Each project, every gift and any help given, is accompanied with a ticket imprinted "Bible Army of Uruguay," and underneath that, in bold red letters: "In the name of Christ." In this way, the greatest glory is given to the Lamb slain for our sins.

With help from Christian Aid, wheelchairs, walkers, canes, prosthetics and other medical supplies are provided to families who are unable to purchase these necessities themselves. For the very poor, clothing is available at the inn.

Christian Aid has been assisting BAU for more than 20 years, including sending help for missionaries in the outlying areas, buildings for ministry use, equipment, and even toys for children who would otherwise be forgotten.