News from China

Christian Aid’s News articles offer you a glimpse into the lives of indigenous believers, their struggles and their triumphs. We hope that by informing you of the needs of your brethren, God will lead you to pray and support indigenous missions groups.

Amazing Growth In China

Through Christian Aid supporters many Bible institutes have been launched throughout China. In 1992 two indigenous Bible schools received support and today, steady contributions from Christian Aid supporters have resulted in 132 active training schools, at least one in every province!.... Read more.

How One Million Became 100 Million

Many thought the one million Christians of China would dwindle away to nothing. Many suffered excruciating tortures and humiliating forced labor. But out of sight true believers were winning their neighbors to Christ and God raised up apostles from their midst. John Sung forsook his doctor’s degrees in science he earned in America and fathered a thousand churches among the China’s back country. It seemed the more pressure the atheistic communists put on society, the more the people hungered for the truth. Read more.

The Light on the Silk Road

In the first century AD until about 500 AD the spread of Christianity traveled from the Middle East to most areas throughout the Roman Empire. By the time Islam was established in Mecca (sometime after Muhammad’s death in 632 AD), Christianity had already reached the western and northern territories of Europe. During the Middle Ages (approximately 500 AD until about the 15th century), Europe became the center for Christianity.... Read more.

Prepared To Go

A mighty movement of God is surging through China, bringing historically unprecedented growth in Christianity. When the Communists took over in 1949, there were fewer than one million Protestants in China. Today the number is estimated to be 200 million. Read more.

The Plan That Backfired

In 1949 the People’s Republic of China came into power and sent the church underground, when it evicted over 5,000 Western missionaries. It is estimated there were fewer than 1,000,000 Christians at the time of this upheaval. Despite the persecution in the decades to follow, ironically this plan to eradicate religion in the People's Republic of China may have contributed to the greatest explosion in Christianity ever.... Read more.

Training 40000 Missionaries Yearly

Brother X struggled to train believers in his village. Born in southern Henan province, he had an experience with Christ on his deathbed. Revived, he went to Beijing to study theology. Then God called him to a place in northern Henan, where he struggled to train workers for his church. Christian Aid’s Dr. Freddie Sun visited him in 1995 and saw his sincerity and how he was attempting to train 30 students in impoverished conditions. They met in shabby huts and had no electrical power; they had to use candles even in the daytime.Read more.

Underground In China

During the Cultural Revolution, Chinese Christians were fired from their jobs, expelled from schools and imprisoned. Their homes were plundered, and they were publicly humiliated. They faced torture and inhumane conditions in hard labor camps. Their countrymen rejected them, and they were falsely accused as American spies, counterrevolutionaries and criminals.... Read more.

The Missions Revolution in China

What’s happening in China these days has astounded missiologists in their academic cloisters from coast to coast. It has demonstrated the need for a complete reformation of our concepts and practices in foreign missionary operations. Read more.