Missions Insider Report

Christian Aid’s News articles offer you a glimpse into the lives of indigenous believers, their struggles and their triumphs. We hope that by informing you of the needs of your brethren, God will lead you to pray and support indigenous missions groups.

Vol. 18, Issue 40

Salvation in Burma Comes at High Cost

Vol. 18, Issue 39

Bringing Criminals to Christ in Mali

Vol. 18, Issue 38

Children in Poverty Get Taste of Abundant Life

Vol. 18, Issue 37

Criminal Gang Leader's Spiritual Journey in Egypt

Vol. 18, Issue 36

Fruitful Strategy Wins Muslims in Spain

Vol. 18, Issue 35

Hearten, Heal and Help Christian Workers in Syria

Vol. 18, Issue 34

Learning to Lose Life, Gain Christ in Nepal

Vol. 18, Issue 33

With Mosul in Ruins, Iraqis Desperate for Help

Vol. 18, Issue 32

Christians Overcome Hostility, Persecution from Muslim Missions

Vol. 18, Issue 31

Syrian Refugees' Tent Camp Is Destroyed

Vol. 18, Issue 30

Cold, Forgotten Kids in Ukraine Are Warmed, Transformed

Vol. 18, Issue 29

Refugee Kids in Turkey Get Break from Nightmare

Vol. 18, Issue 28

Building Miracles in the Deserts of the Middle East

Vol. 18, Issue 27

Illness, Disabilities Mount among Syrian Refugees

Vol. 18, Issue 26

Persecution, Vietnam's Dirty Little Secret

Vol. 18, Issue 25

Workers Battle Drought, Starvation and Superstition

Vol. 18, Issue 24

Staying Alive after Roaring Floods in Peru

Vol. 18, Issue 23

Behind Desperate Pleas in Syria, Broken Families

Vol. 18, Issue 22

Pushing Aid through Closed Border in North Korea

Vol. 18, Issue 21

Drought in Kenya Creates Staggering Crisis

Vol. 18, Issue 20

Gospel Makes Inroads in Odd Ways in Indonesia

Vol. 18, Issue 19

Needs Grow in Greece as New Era Begins

Vol. 18, Issue 18

Christian Workers Overcome Difficulties in Vietnam

Vol. 18, Issue 16

Reaching Mexico's Unreached, Unyielding Indigenes

Vol. 18, Issue 15

Housework without House

Vol. 18, Issue 14

Displaced Iraqis Escape Death in Mosul, Iraq

Vol. 18, Issue 13

Aleppo, Syria Aid Resumes Despite Opposition

Vol. 18, Issue 12

Christians in Turkey Faithful amid Dangers

Vol. 18, Issue 11

The Surprisingly Urgent Need in the Philippines

Vol. 18, Issue 10

Indigenous Ministry in Peru Prays Away Pains of the Poor

Vol. 18, Issue 9

Busting Barriers to Build the Kingdom in Burma

Vol. 18, Issue 8

In Aleppo, Syria, a Huge Opportunity Opens

Vol. 18, Issue 7

Sierra Leone's Gospel Moment Has Arrived, Ministry Shows

Vol. 18, Issue 6

Building Churches in Southeast Asia, Soul by Soul

Vol. 18, Issue 5

Refugee Mothers from Syria Fight to Save Families

Vol. 18, Issue 4

Addicts in Burma Seize Chance at New Life

Vol. 18, Issue 3

God Shows His Hand in Gospel-Resistant Turkey

Vol. 18, Issue 2

Killed for Christ in the Philippines – a Love Story

Vol. 18, Issue 1

In Aleppo, Syria, the Fight to Survive Goes On

Vol. 17, Issue 51

Battle for Mosul, Iraq Drives Civilians to Camps

Vol. 17, Issue 50

Evangelists in Burma Trust God amid Hostilities

Vol. 17, Issue 49

Bringing Grace and Health to Tribal People of Peru

Vol. 17, Issue 48

Evangelists in Philippines Push Past Terrorists

Vol. 17, Issue 47

Syrian Refugees in Turkey Growing More Desperate

Vol. 17, Issue 46

Christmas Parties Prove Popular in Hindu India

Vol. 17, Issue 45

Bringing Hope for Survivors of Ebola-Hit Sierra Leone

Vol. 17, Issue 44

Destruction Reigns as Battle for Mosul Begins

Vol. 17, Issue 43

War, ISIS Cruelty Traumatize Syrian Refugees

Vol. 17, Issue 42

Opposition in India Forces Shift in Evangelism