Top 5 People Groups

Burmese: 27,861,000

Shan: 4,118,000

Rakhine: 2,436,000

Karen: 1,750,000

Eastern Karen: 1,055,000


Buddhist: 75%

Christian: 9%

Evangelical: 5.1%

Ethnic: 8.2%

Muslim: 5.6%

Hindu: 1.6%

Non-Religious: 0.5%


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Joshua Project

Myanmar is a geographically isolated country located in Southeast Asia and is home to 159 different people groups, 56 of which are labeled by the Joshua Project as unreached by the gospel. In 1966 Myanmar barred all foreign missionaries from entering the country.

Christian Aid has a continuing involvement with indigenous mission groups within Myanmar who have converted members of the Khamis, Lemrochins, Mrus, Rakhines, and Lalungs. In addition mission groups have held many crusades within the country included some in the capital at Yangon. They have a passion for helping people struggling with drug addiction. They have also drilled wells for ostracized leper villages thanks to funds from Christian Aid. Indigenous missionaries supported by Christian Aid work with various tribal groups including the Chums and the Dais. They often have to walk up to 200 miles in the course of their ministry work and may be seperated from their families for months at a time. Tragically Indigenous Christians in Southeast Asia frequently face persecution, sometimes Christians are banished from their homes and must seek sustenance from the surrounding jungle. Christian Aid sends financial support to believers in these rough circumstances.