Help Draw People to Christ

Tuesday, November 16 – Laos The Holy Spirit is enabling local missionaries to break the grip of Buddhism and ancestor worship. At events to encourage church leaders and other Christians in various villages, many curious non-believers also attend and hear the gospel. Many tribal villagers hear about Christ on live Facebook teachings, while others hear […]

Effective Gospel Proclamation

Monday, November 15 – Albania In a country where most people care little about religion even as 57 percent identify as Muslim, local missionaries know the varied nuances of Albanians’ worldviews, putting them in prime position to effectively proclaim the love of Christ. Online or in visits over coffee or meals, workers are establishing relationships, […]

Leading People to Saving Faith

Sunday, November 14 – Bangladesh Quoting Christ saying not to be troubled, that no one comes to the Father except through Him and that He will never forsake His followers, a local missionary led four Chakma people in a remote area to saving faith and baptized them. At an evangelistic meeting in another area, he […]

The Love of Christ for the Lost

Saturday, November 13 – China Visiting the sick and disabled in a village every Sunday afternoon, local missionaries have opportunities to pray for them and share the gospel. Workers continue in pastoral ministry as well, either in online church services or smaller gatherings in homes. One unbelieving man who stopped attending services with his Christian […]

Uplift the Poor

Friday, November 12 – North Africa Destitute families were thankful for food that local missionaries provided to them amid wrenching poverty. “The reality is that folks are disenfranchised, hungry, hoping against hope and trusting God to intervene in their situations for family upkeep in this crucial time of need,” a ministry leader said. Street children […]

Support Wholistic Ministry

Thursday, November 11 – Argentina Many of the people suffering increased need due to the pandemic are coming to Christ as local missionaries help feed and care for them. Thanks to your donations, local missionaries cooked large pots of food and delivered it to the poorest families at risk of malnutrition. Receiving food daily, both […]

Help Advance God’s Kingdom

Wednesday, November 10 – Iraq People in camps for the displaced who have come to saving faith are growing as followers of Christ thanks to weekly discipleship meetings with local missionaries and daily group lessons online. Workers saw many lives transformed in a discipleship program in which more than 100 families participated. The gospel also […]

Proclaim the Risen Christ

Tuesday, November 9 – Sri Lanka The gospel continues to spread, with four families recently putting their faith in Christ even as four other families were so drawn to Him they were attending worship services at the same church. A local missionary has been sharing the message of salvation with a family in another part […]

Help Equip Evangelists

Monday, November 8 – Togo A woman who received Christ at a local ministry Bible meeting was the target of a curse after she refused the advances of a man who practiced witchcraft. When his curse failed to harm her, he developed sores and swelling in his feet, and his family forced him to confess […]

Critical Aid for Refugees

Sunday, November 7 – Spain New streams of refugees continue to arrive; recently 40 boys and girls who lost their parents and other relatives to war in an African country took refuge with a local ministry. Initially fearful, gradually they began to trust local missionaries who taught them Spanish, job skills and the gospel. “When […]