Help Plant Churches

Monday, December 13 –Philippines In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, tribal people are accepting visits to their homes by local missionaries who then start Bible studies. Sharing the gospel with individuals or entire families, workers start small worshipping fellowships even when they lack regular income; other workers are learning a trade to support themselves. […]

Spread the Salvation Message

Sunday, December 12 –North Africa A man on a motorcycle tried to steal the purse of a local missionary, and she fell and was seriously injured. Police not only caught the thief but heard the gospel from the worker, and an officer prayed to receive Christ as Lord and Savior. The gospel is spreading through […]

Education and Aid for the Destitute

Saturday, December 11 –Pakistan Children whose parents are working off debt in brick kilns as bondslaves are apt to inherit the same lives of poverty unless they obtain education. Local missionaries are helping 225 children from such families to obtain schooling free of cost. Among the beneficiaries are the children of a paralyzed widow. Workers […]

Unleash Gospel Power

Friday, December 10 – Sri Lanka A local ministry’s church in Central Province recently saw six people put their faith in Christ and receive baptism. The native missionary there and other workers prayed for a young man suffering from an evil spirit, and he was delivered and is worshipping the Lord as a new believer […]

Help Cover Worker Expenses

Thursday, December 9 – Africa Visiting villages in search of persons of peace, starting Bible studies and providing discipleship training for new believers, local missionaries of one ministry recently planted two churches. Four new Christians were recently baptized. Ministry leaders trained 141 new church planters in the past year, while other workers organized community health […]

Vital Help for Refugees

Wednesday, December 8 – Greece From an epileptic Iraqi who arrived in need of food and legal help to a Kurdish teenager who was alone and homeless, local missionaries provide aid and assistance to refugees that can mean the difference between life and death amid the pandemic. Desperate families arrive in need of the baby […]

Support Local Missionaries

Tuesday, December 7 – Jordan Local missionaries are encouraged that the Christians they’re training to spread the gospel and lead churches in the Arab world are eager to learn how to pray, listen for the Holy Spirit’s guidance and disciple others. Workers are training and equipping hundreds of Christians and sending them back to their […]

Tools and Training for Evangelism

Monday, December 6 – Indonesia A young girl who received care at a local ministry’s orphanage for three years impressed her relatives when she went to live with them, praying before eating and bedtime, urging them to forgive others and showing love to all. A relative who asked the ministry director about her transformation soon […]

Gospel Proclamation and Follow-up

Sunday, December 5 – India Visiting unreached villages, forming friendships and organizing talks, local missionaries are spreading gospel seeds. When people suffering illness receive healing prayer, word of their recovery and faith spreads to other families and villages, and they attend gospel meetings. Some people take years to put their faith in Christ, others do […]

Food and Other Aid for the Poor

Saturday, December 4 – Guatemala A mother of two young children thanked Christian Aid Mission donors for the monthly grocery bags she received from a local ministry every month, as her family had lost their income when her husband died of COVID-19. “You cannot imagine the tremendous help that the monthly bags of food have […]