Help Find, Vet and Evaluate Workers

Monday, January 31 – Christian Aid Evangelists, pastors, teachers and aid workers bringing the love of Christ to the people of their own countries are doing more than anyone else to make disciples among unreached peoples. The founder of Christian Aid Mission, Bob Finley, recognized this more than 60 years ago and committed his life […]

Help Missionaries Overcome Gospel Barriers

Sunday, January 30 – Albania The gospel is getting past COVID-19 restrictions as local missionaries tell the story of Christ on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, among other online means. In a country with a 57-percent Muslim population and a history of political opposition to religion, workers produced a gospel video shown on Facebook. One young […]

Support Effective Gospel Outreaches

Saturday, January 29 – Ghana The message of redemption in the Lord is taking hold through multiple outreaches. A local missionary running a sports outreach recently helped a boy commit his life to Christ, while others ministering to widows who were involved in the occult led six of them to saving faith. Many people heard […]

Help Share the Gospel and Strengthen New Believers

Friday, January 28 – India A couple who had been separated for seven years heard the gospel from a local missionary. After committing their lives to Christ, they received biblical counseling from the local workers, and the Lord worked beautifully in restoring their marriage. During lockdowns, local missionaries encourage and edify them by phone. Worship […]

Bring Christ’s Saving Grace to the Oppressed

Thursday, January 27 – Sri Lanka Amid the pandemic people heard about the saving death and resurrection of Christ through messages on Zoom and even by telephone, but face-to-face sharing also continued. A local missionary prayed for a woman who had long suffered headaches, and when she was healed, she brought four friends for prayer; […]

Plant and Water Gospel Seeds

Wednesday, January 26 – China A family that had suffered chronic illness for years pleaded with gods and idols and, when that failed, received a visit from local missionaries. The workers invited them to put their faith in Christ as Lord and Savior. They did so, and the team prayed for healing and followed up […]

Supply Aid to Desperate Refugees

Tuesday, January 25 – Turkey While refugee needs far outweigh local missionaries’ resources, workers are putting in long hours to keep traumatized people from further suffering. Local missionaries at one ministry provided 700 Syrian refugee families with basic food, blankets and hygiene items, as well as Bibles. In this way about 4,200 people received critical […]

Give Crucial Aid to the Suffering

Monday, January 24 – Nepal A Christian woman often had conflict with her alcoholic husband, in large part because he hated her faith. Tensions mounted when the pandemic deprived him of work, but his attitude changed after local missionaries provided food and other relief items. He apologized to his wife for past hostilities and now […]

Help Cover Worker Costs

Sunday, January 23 – Lebanon A young man whose father died was depressed as he tried to provide for his family, including his mother suffering chronic illness and two sisters with disabilities. After a local missionary visited him and prayed for him, he felt the power of God and joined a Bible study, and he […]

Provide Life-Saving Aid for the Needy

Young Ugandan children sit on the ground eating rice and drinking water

Saturday, January 22 – Uganda In areas of deep poverty, local missionaries made medicines and drugs available to destitute people and their children at no cost, saving some lives and improving the quality of others. Needy villagers were also grateful for food and basic hygiene items, as well as education for their children. Among 300 […]