Help Find, Vet and Evaluate Native Workers

Monday, February 28 – Christian Aid Knowing best how to reach their own people for the kingdom of God, the native ministries we assist are fully independent. While the ministries are not affiliates of Christian Aid Mission, we evaluate each one extensively to ensure the integrity of their finances, faith and fruitfulness. This provides confidence […]

Provide Bible Study Materials

Sunday, February 27 – China As the pandemic and political pressures force Christians to meet in small groups, a ministry that produces Bible study materials is racing to keep up with the demand for curricula. Small group leaders, pastors and other church leaders throughout China use the materials to encourage Christ-centered living. A recent seminary […]

Multiply the Message of Eternal Life

Saturday, February 26 – Vietnam A young mother married to an abusive man who was hooked on opium and alcohol was going to kill herself by drinking insecticide, stopping short only when her two crying children hugged her and would not let go. A local missionary shared the gospel with her, and when she received […]

Equip Workers to Proclaim Gospel

Friday, February 25 – Kenya Both city dwellers and remote villagers are hearing the gospel in spite of the pandemic, and churches new and old are shining light in their communities. In one area, a local missionary pastors a church known for its wide variety of people, and he has a reputation for helping all […]

Help Plant and Grow Disciples

Thursday, February 24 – India In areas where occult practices are rife, villagers often request a local missionary to heal them of various afflictions. When they call on him to cast out demons, the Lord answers with deliverance, and the healed people and their families put their faith in Christ and form house churches. These […]

Send Aid and the Gospel

Wednesday, February 23 – Burma Buddhists and worshippers of ancestral spirits are hearing the gospel of Jesus Christ in spite of pandemic lockdowns and political violence. Local missionaries are able to talk with people on the one day of the week when villagers are allowed to go grocery shopping, and a worker recently led animists […]

Provide Medical and Other Help

Tuesday, February 22 – Bolivia An impoverished girl growing up without parents was able to obtain surgery for her cleft lip thanks to a local ministry’s orphanage. “She is so happy and bubbly!” said the director of the orphanage, where staff members nurture more than 60 children in a loving environment. Workers have helped them […]

Equip Workers to Lead People to Christ

Monday, February 21 – Liberia With a deep awareness that Satan seeks to destroy souls, a local missionary visiting a village was preaching at a gospel event when a woman involved in witchcraft confessed that she had tainted the water supply for five years, resulting in the deaths of seven pregnant women. She wept in […]

Send Relief to Suffering Refugees

Sunday, February 20 – Greece The economic hardship that so many are suffering is even sharper for refugees from areas of conflict in the Middle East and Africa. Local ministry leaders know Arabic and a few other languages but rely on interpreters to translate for many refugees in need of assistance with legal matters, housing […]

Help Bring Aid to Refugees

Saturday, February 19 – Middle East Refugees who live in tent camps among Islamic extremists welcome the words of comfort that local missionaries bring along with life-saving aid. They also face unhygienic conditions that leave many children with hair loss, rashes and sores, and the little ones are also susceptible to disease due to lack […]