Help Bring Aid to Refugees

Friday, April 29 – Europe
When more than 4,000 refugee minors from Africa and elsewhere began arriving at a European port, local missionaries helped about 100 of them daily with food, clothes and hygiene items.

Provide Gospel Tools and Training

Thursday, April 28 – Indonesia
A widow who had no source of income often came to a home church for the meals, and over time she was touched by the fellowship, prayer and teaching; the local missionary conducting the services recently led her to faith in Christ and baptized her.

Supply Aid to the Displaced

Wednesday, April 27 – Iraq
Many people have lost family members, homes and businesses from prior offensives by the Islamic State (ISIS) and other military conflict, leaving Iraq with the largest number of internally displaced persons in the world.

Help Provide for Worker Costs

Tuesday, April 26 – Ghana
Youths are coming to the Lord through the sports outreach of a local ministry, including a boy whose parents drove him from their home for his faith in Christ; church planters gave him shelter in their home.

Help Impoverished Communities

Monday, April 25 – India
COVID-19 has cut into the ability of tribal people to earn a living, further increasing their poverty. A native ministry provided more than 5,000 poor children with food, education, clothing and shelter in 12 states over a six-month period.

Equip Workers to Spread Gospel

Sunday, April 24 – Peru
Walking more than six hours to reach remote villages with the gospel, a native missionary couple taught the Word of God in Junín Region and led 10 people to faith in Christ.

Send Good News of the Kingdom

Sierra Leonean children with their hands up and smiling

Saturday, April 23 – Sierra Leone
A Muslim woman in anguish over an Islamic curse put on her for leaving the man she was forced to marry when she was 10 years old was invited to a native ministry’s church.

Cover Missionaries’ Expenses

Friday, April 22 – China
Local missionaries share the gospel with university students in an undisclosed city, and then they disciple them and equip them to return to their hometowns and villages to plant churches.

Equip Workers to Plant Churches

Thursday, April 21 – Pakistan
Local missionaries in this country with a 96-percent Muslim population had the opportunity to share God’s Word in a new town, and 16 people trusted in Christ as Lord and Savior.