Help Find, Vet and Evaluate Workers

Tuesday, May 31 – Christian Aid
For local missionaries high in commitment but low in resources, you are a hero of the faith for supporting them to help the poor and needy and proclaim Christ in some of the world’s most difficult and dangerous areas.

Help Build Income for the Poor

Monday, May 30 – Philippines
Almost all the poor tribal people in remote areas who received loans from a native ministry for micro-enterprise farming projects have gained their livelihood from them and paid off the initial debt.

Provide Aid for the Needy

Sunday, May 29 – Bangladesh
A local ministry lost its founders to COVID-19, but the leader is thankful that workers have been able to continue sharing the gospel and meeting the needs of the poor.

Help Reveal the Gospel

Saturday, May 28 – South Asia
In the course of seeking deliverance from COVID-19, villagers opposed to Christianity in a remote area unstopped their ears to hear local missionaries proclaim Christ’s saving death and resurrection.

Help Turn Pagans to Christ

Friday, May 27 – Kenya
In remote areas where traditional tribal beliefs and rituals are rampant, local missionaries are shining the light of Christ.

Send Aid for Desperate Refugees

Thursday, May 26 – Turkey
Refugees facing hostility and discrimination are losing weight and getting sick as the pandemic eliminates the few jobs that are available.

Unleash the Message of Redemption

Kids in a line throwing balls through hula hoops

Wednesday, May 25 – Albania
In a country with an anti-religion history and a majority-Muslim population, local missionaries are in prime position to share the gospel in a complex culture.

Enable Evangelism and Discipleship

Tuesday, May 24 – China
Meeting in small groups in homes, Christians are continuing to build each other up while local missionaries disciple them through private visits.

Assist Sharing of the Gospel

Monday, May 23 – Mexico
Praises that the unbelieving wife of a Christian began attending a local missionary’s church, and after two months of studying God’s Word she received Christ as Lord and Savior.

Support Beleaguered Workers

Sunday, May 22 – Burma
Amid violence related to the military coup, native missionaries have helped meet needs and spread the Good News of Christ’s salvation.