Help Find, Vet and Evaluate Workers

Giving priority to native ministries sharing the gospel with the world’s unreached and least reached peoples, Christian Aid Mission finds and supports local workers who are in the best position to convey the message of eternal life in Christ.

Help Workers Plant Churches in South Asia

In spite of pandemic lockdowns, workers at one ministry undertook numerous outreaches, prayer meetings and Bible studies that resulted in nearly 4,000 people putting their faith in Christ over the course of six months.

Send Critical Relief to Refugees in Europe

Refugees from Afghanistan, Ukraine and countries in the Middle East and Africa continued to pour into Europe, and local missionaries showed the love of Christ with urgently needed food, clothing and hygiene items.

Help Make Gospel Heard in Indonesia

A 56-year-old man invited local missionaries to his home to talk about God, and when the workers showed up, 40 friends and relatives had gathered. They all accepted Christ and, over the following month, were baptized.

Provide Worker Living Allowance in China

A native ministry oversees 10 churches and four student fellowships, and some of the newer churches do not yet have full-time pastors. Local workers put in long days teaching and counseling those in their care, besides organizing camps for children and university students.

Provide Gospel Tools and Training in Africa

In an area known for alcohol, drugs and crime, local missionaries began sharing the gospel with young people, and 11 youths showed up at the native ministry’s church, confessed their sins and accepted Christ.

Help Provide Worker Income in Pakistan

Pakistani christians raise hands and worship God together

Praises that local missionaries visiting homes, counseling people and leading Bible studies and prayer meetings saw many people confess their sins and trust in Christ.

Help Support Local Missionaries in Burma

Working amid coup-related violence and another wave of COVID-19, local missionaries provided food as well as the message of eternal life in Christ to hundreds of war victims in camps for the internally displaced.

Help Form and Strengthen Disciples in Mexico

His friends and father were heavy drinkers, and a 17-year-old boy was on the verge of falling into the same lifestyle before a local missionary led him to Christ. He faced ridicule from his friends, and his father often beat him for becoming a Christian, but he was very public that he would not deny Christ and hoped to win others from his ethnic group with his testimony.

Help Send Aid to Refugees in Turkey

For the few refugees who can find work, pandemic curfews have kept them from getting to their jobs, as such violations can result in deportation and large fines. Many malnourished refugees are below healthy weight.