Help Give Voice to the Gospel in Bangladesh

Christian missionary teaches Bangladeshi women and children about Jesus Christ while they sit on the ground

A worker visiting a village met a man whose mother was so ill that the family was kept in isolation out of fear that she had COVID-19. The villager invited the local missionary to visit and pray for his mother, and after her rapid recovery, the man and his entire family put their faith in Christ.

Help Save the Lost in Chad

Men, women and children of a village steeped in fetishism wore many amulets to protect against evil spirits until a local missionary brought them the Good News of Christ’s salvation.

Help Uplift Communities in North Africa

An impoverished woman supporting three children as well as her siblings was able to make ends meet with a micro-enterprise loan from a local ministry; it made her fish business more profitable, one of various projects that bring hope in Christ’s name and help break the cycle of poverty.

Help Send Word of Redemption in Greece

A young Muslim from Iraq arrived as a refugee after Islamist militants tortured him and killed his father. When local missionaries led him to faith in Christ, he said he felt a sense of freedom, peace and joy.

Make Eternal Life Known in Iraq

During a time of war, a Muslim who had learned about Christ through satellite TV programs had no one to answer his questions about Christianity, but after fighting ended he told a local missionary that when his city was being bombed, Jesus had visited him in a dream and given him a message.

Help Spread the Good News in the Philippines

Three siblings heard the gospel from a local missionary, accepted Christ and then came to Sunday worship with their parents. Workers shared about Christ with their parents after the church service, and they also trusted in Christ and were baptized along with their children.

Help Power Church Planters in South Asia

A tribal woman was tormented by malevolent spirits for nearly three years, her family spending huge sums on hospitals, temples, astrologers and practitioners of black magic without effect.

Help Form Strong Disciples in China

The daughter and son-in-law of a man suffering from cancer heard his testimony after a local missionary led him to repent and accept Christ, and when he died they saw the heavenly hope of Christians at his memorial service.

Equip Evangelists in Brazil

Local missionaries obtained an invitation to visit elders of a large, semi-isolated people to tell them how the gospel had freed villagers of the Ticuna tribe from alcoholism and vice to living blessed by the Lord.