Refugee Girl Overcomes Tragedy

A young Iraqi girl’s grandfather died when a suspected Islamic State (ISIS) militant rammed the car carrying him. Sara later learned from a teacher at a native ministry’s school in Jordan that God loved her and her family, so she thought He must be different from the divine being her parents blamed for the loss of her grandfather.

Help Bring Gospel Transformation in the Philippines

People in many areas have heard the gospel of salvation in face-to-face talks with local missionaries, but the pandemic also multiplied outreach when workers used video calls and virtual gatherings to proclaim Christ’s atonement.

Help Desperate Refugees in Europe

A refugee from the Middle East whose mobile phone and legal papers had been stolen suffered psychologically as he ran out of food and money for housing.

Supply Emergency Aid for Refugees in Turkey

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine created supply shortages that have driven up prices in Turkey, where inflation was already out of control. Refugees from Syria and Afghanistan are in more need than ever.

Help Uplift Communities in North Africa

Amid the pandemic and times of insecurity and fear, a local ministry’s hospital provided a refuge of love, peace and healing. Workers carried out two major medical outreaches, restarted an outpatient clinic and offered dental care one day a week.

Form New Christians in Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan Christians stand in a circle worshiping God

A student at a school of theology said his studies greatly helped him in personal matters and challenges. With help from donors, the institution makes theological training available at affordable rates, making such growth accessible to people from a variety of churches.

Help Grow Strong Churches in Laos

With about 1,700 people getting baptized and 16 house churches forming over the course of six months, follow-up teaching was crucial. Native missionaries gave trainings to encourage new Christians in their faith and deepen their understanding of basic principles and practices.