Help Find, Vet and Evaluate Local Workers

In remote areas as well as urban centers amid daunting difficulties, locally based missionaries are making disciples in spite of threats from disease and opposition. Often their biggest obstacle, however, is poverty. Your support enables them to take on these challenges to proclaim the gospel in joy and in confidence with the backing of the worldwide Body of Christ.

Help Announce the Salvation Message in Kenya

Praises that churches on the verge of collapse due to the pandemic have been revived, and home visits have resulted in many people coming to the Lord. In one area terrorized by the sound of screams and of invisible stones hitting homes, local missionaries organized Christians to pray against unclean spirits.

Help Bring Gospel Power in South Asia

Knowledge of the Lord is transforming lives throughout the region. A young man who was working to help support his parents and siblings had an accident that left him unable to stand, creating hardship as his mother was paralyzed and his father struggled to support them as a day-laborer.

Help Send Christ’s Love to Refugees in Europe

Two young men from Africa survived an Islamic extremist attack that killed the rest of the members of their family and fled to Spain, where they received aid and a secure place to heal at a local ministry’s center. After putting their trust in Christ, they were zealous as they shared their faith with other refugees.

Help Workers Proclaim God’s Grace in the Philippines

Men in a tribal area showed no interest in Bible studies, saying they were too busy working and that such meetings were only for women, but a local missionary has involved men from two villages in study of God’s Word. “These men have shown great change in their lives by committing themselves to join the Bible study,” the ministry leader said.

Send Aid to Desperate Refugees in Jordan

A refugee father of two learned his home in Iraq had been destroyed and that he could not return. Local missionaries taught him to make mosaics, and he has earned income selling those through the church.

Plant and Grow Gospel Seed in China

Workers recently visited unsaved families in home visits at eight locations, giving workers the opportunity to learn of needs and share the gospel.

Help Power Gospel Outreach in Laos

When two or three families put their faith in Christ, initially they worship at a local missionary’s church in a nearby village until some can be trained to lead church services at a home in their own community. This can lead to persecution by relatives, neighbors and officials in their own villages, but Christians have refused to renounce their faith.

Reconcile the Lost to God in Peru

A 35-year-old farmer whose foot had to be amputated after a minor wound became infected went to a Christian retreat for a local Quechua community, where he put his faith in Christ. Workers continued to care for him and, through biblical reflections, helped him reconcile with family members, which led four of them to receive Christ.