Help Find, Vet and Evaluate Workers

At a fraction of the cost to send a foreign missionary, native Christian workers are doing more than anyone to bring the gospel to the world’s unreached people – in large part because the unreached are their own people.

Help Propel Gospel Initiatives in Bangladesh

4 Christian men stand in front of their church in Bangladesh

Praises that the leader of a native ministry and two other workers traveled to a village and, visiting one home after another, saw enough people put their faith in Christ to plant a church there. The leader recently dedicated three tribal children of the new Christians to the Lord.

Help Provide Compassionate Aid in Peru

Impoverished children feel strong pressure to leave school to sell candy and soft drinks on the streets. Local missionaries have a feeding center where they get to know the children, visit them in their homes and share the importance of continuing their schooling in order to break the cycle of poverty.

Help Implant Faith in Christ in Ghana

Young Ghanaian sits in studio producing a Christian radio show

Praise God that workers with a native ministry providing assistance to widows led 39 of them to put their faith in Christ. The gospel is also spreading through a literacy class where 180 adults use the New Testament as a text. “Most will encounter Jesus as they read the Gospel,” the ministry leader said.

Equip Workers for Gospel Proclamation in South Asia

People who have received gospel tracts and Bibles from local missionaries are coming to faith in Christ. In one area, five fathers were freed from worldly corruption and entered into God’s kingdom, while a worker in another visited a home where four family members trusted in the Lord for eternal life.

Help Spread the Good News in Kyrgyzstan

Local missionaries sponsor various camps for youths that exert a powerful influence on young lives. Muslim parents allow their children to attend such camps, as they see the godly values they learn and how much they enjoy them even as they learn about Christ.

Provide Gospel Tools and Training in Spain

When the pandemic curbed large gatherings, the gospel continued to spread as local missionaries encouraged new believers to invite family and friends into their homes to learn about Christ.

Help Send Word of Salvation in Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan Christian woman gives boy package

Leaders of a local ministry are constantly training new people for evangelism as they see a large window opening for gospel acceptance. Teams are visiting homes and hospitals with the Lord’s healing power and the message of forgiveness in Christ.