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June 1st


The Holy Spirit is moving in spite of the pandemic. Holding a worship service under trees in a remote village, local missionaries presented the gospel and saw 32 people put their faith in Christ. Both non-believers and church members are hungry for the Word of God, and they happily receive Bibles as spiritual bread. The need for Bibles is great as villagers are subject to all manner of false doctrines. Local missionaries seek donations for Bibles and other tools to proclaim Christ and help new believers to maturity. Pray that more people will receive Bibles and that the Truth would cut through much deception and illusion.

June 2nd


The gospel is advancing further due to the COVID-19 pandemic through online versions of a local ministry’s worship services, mid-week Bible studies, weekly children’s Bible club and youth meetings. A local missionary has had various interactions with people who learned about Christ from his gospel messages on social media. He has also shared the gospel with a synagogue worker from an Orthodox background who has now read the four Gospels and some Christian books. Local missionaries seek donations in order to equip them to undertake such evangelism and discipleship outreaches. Pray the Holy Spirit would soften hearts to receive Christ.

June 3rd


A Bible school that trains 150 to 200 students per year continues classes online during the pandemic, equipping young people for pastoral and missionary service in the local area and elsewhere. One student who had little biblical knowledge upon arrival obtained a deep understanding from Scripture of how leaders rely on the Lord to help Christians through difficult times, and he is eager to bring to his ministry the kind of love and care that his teachers showed to him. Donations are sought for such training in evangelism and discipleship throughout the country. Pray for the Lord’s guidance and protection for newly trained church planters.

June 4th


A worshipper of idols and ancestors suddenly suffered paralysis in her leg. A local missionary visited and prayed for her, and after the Lord miraculously healed her, she received Christ and began attending church services. Her testimony helped bring four other people to Christ. Native missionaries in another area are able to proclaim Christ at several unreached villages thanks to new roads, and workers unable to hold Sunday services due to pandemic restrictions are reaching many non-believers through small groups at Christians’ houses. Donations are sought for such evangelistic efforts and discipleship. Pray for protection as new Christians face opposition from family and friends.

June 5th


Tribal people checking the quality of local missionaries’ translations of the New Testament into their languages are coming to the Lord as they listen to Scripture. One woman listening to a translation was healed after workers prayed for her; she confessed Christ as Savior and requested further visits from workers to help her study God’s Word. The Bible translations enable the indigenous church to grow stronger and redeem local cultures. Local missionaries seek donations of $24 or $48 to translate and publish copies of Scripture in tribal languages. Pray that translations of the Word would help bring faith that preserves the beauty of tribal cultures while redeeming them for God’s glory.

June 6th


Providing food and other aid to Spaniards as well as refugees, local missionaries shared the gospel with 300,000 people in spite of the COVID-19 pandemic over a six-month stretch. The fruits of this labor are the baptisms that take place every week among people of 12 different ethnic groups. Some of those coming to Christ are trafficked women who have been rescued, including one who said no one has cared for her as have local missionaries. Workers who plan to baptize 2,500 Spaniards and 450 refugees this year seek donations to proclaim the gospel and bring disciples to maturity. Pray for the Lord’s guidance and protection for new Christians.

June 7th


Online and on the street, local missionaries are bringing the hope of Christ to people shaken by political upheaval and poverty. In parks and other public places, workers use the Word of God to encourage those who have lost work to COVID-19 restrictions and provide rice along with the gospel. They then offer training to those who receive Christ, teaching them how to share their faith with others. Local missionaries also shared the gospel with inmates at a large prison, and donations are sought for these and other evangelism and discipleship efforts. Pray for protection from the pandemic and persecution, and that the Lord would call more people to Christ.

June 8th


Muslims who put their faith in Christ in this 57-percent Islamic country often lose what their families provided – housing, employment and security. New Christians from Muslim families need to find new community in churches, and local missionaries help by providing for their basic needs. Recently 70 persecuted Christians who had been raised as Muslims, including two widows, received such assistance in funds distributed to 14 households. Local communities took note of the love displayed among the Christians, and donations are sought to provide such love to persecuted Christians. Pray that young faith will remain strong amid intense pressures.

June 9th

Sri Lanka

A young girl suffered six months from an evil spirit, and her parents had done everything they could for her – except bring her to a native ministry’s church for prayer. When they finally agreed to attend, the Lord healed her, and the family now worships God and testifies to His power. Local missionaries in another area recently saw five people come to Christ, and a native ministry’s church in a different region baptized 40 people. Workers seek donations for such efforts to proclaim the gospel and follow up with those who put their faith in Christ. Local missionaries request prayer that the Lord will provide worship buildings for new churches springing up.

June 10th


The gospel has spread like leaven in dough, with 355 people having come to Christ in five different areas. “We are teaching and counseling in fellowship for their strength and progress in faith,” a ministry leader said, adding that recently a new church was planted in spite of the pandemic. Contributions from Christian Aid Mission donors also helped construct a new church building, provided study Bibles for students and supported seven local church-planters. Workers who seek donations for such evangelism and discipleship efforts request prayer for reconstruction of an orphanage and expansion of a church building.

June 11th


Most of the thousands of urgent requests for food and medicine a local ministry receives come from families living in camps for displaced persons. “These camps have become large starvation prisons that do not have food or water because the [humanitarian agency] cars that deliver to them each week have stopped,” the ministry leader said. Local missionaries are providing food and medicines to these camps each week in order to help save the lives of children, the elderly and poor families. The ministry seeks donations of $35 or $70 to provide this and other critical aid. Pray workers will continue to find ways around pandemic restrictions to provide aid.

June 12th


The relationships local missionaries built with people who did not know Christ before the pandemic resulted in many of them attending native ministry churches, and in spite of lockdowns local workers continued to bring them closer to faith in Christ by recording and sending online messages to them and other congregation members. For those without internet access, a messenger brought them a summary of the biblical lessons. As churches have re-opened with attendance limits, children’s Sunday school at one congregation is packed. Local workers seek donations of $25 or $50 for the means to lead the unreached to Christ and form mature disciples. Pray for those who have heard the gospel to receive Christ’s salvation.

June 13th


A coronavirus lockdown gave local missionaries more time to invest in relationships with refugees and others in their community, answering their questions and praying for them. After the ministry center re-opened last year, workers saw more people putting their faith in Christ and being baptized than before. One refugee who had begun to research Christianity in his home country was glad to find local missionaries to explain Bible passages to him, and he prayed with them to receive Christ’s salvation. Donations of $25 or $50 are sought for the tools to reach more people with the gospel and help them grow in Christ. Pray new believers will find fellowship as they transit to other countries.

June 14th


Young and old, Muslim and animist are hearing the gospel. A local missionary shared the Good News with a young boy known for being highly disruptive, and his transformation after putting his faith in Christ was so stark that his father also became a Christian. Local workers’ regular visits also led to an opportunity to share Christ with a tribal chief estimated to be 100 years old. He died three days after trusting in Christ for his salvation. Local missionaries seek donations of $25 or $50 for the means to carry out evangelism and discipleship, especially as a pandemic lockdown reduced income from its conference center. Pray local workers would lift many out of poverty and perdition.

June 15th

South Asia

An expert in black magic came to a native ministry’s church service out of sheer curiosity, and God’s Word touched him. Within a few months he received Christ, and he is now preparing for baptism. Another convert in a region known for its resistance to the gospel is completing discipleship training. Even in virtual platforms amid pandemic lockdowns, workers are seeing miraculous transformations, including depressed people on the verge of suicide healed and saved by God’s grace. Local missionaries seek donations of $25 or $50 to share the salvation message and strengthen new disciples. They request prayer for protection from persecution and the pandemic.

June 16th


A man whose wife and children had left him had respiratory problems and then contracted COVID-19, and relatives found a local missionary to pray for him. After his condition improved, he and his family received Christ, reconciled and are now leading a Bible study where other relatives have committed to the Lord. The ministry is discipling another 50 people who recently repented and received His grace, while a worker in another area started 10 new home groups as 240 people put their trust in Christ. In two other villages, 100 people have committed to the Lord. Local workers seek donations for Bibles and other tools of such evangelism and discipleship. Pray that Christians will be able to gather together to encourage one another.

June 17th


A native ministry with 50 small fellowships meeting in homes is committed to training children’s Sunday school teachers, as the kids often help the rest of their families to know Christ. Discipleship training for Bible study leaders and other teachers is laying the groundwork for greater growth. When the COVID-19 pandemic led the ministry’s mother church to go digital, the nonbelieving relatives of congregational members watched the live-streamed service together, bringing the gospel to more people who knew little about Christ. Donations are sought to equip local missionaries to proclaim Christ and teach others how to follow Him. Pray that fellowships would be strengthened amid surveillance and restrictions.

June 18th


In the Himalayan country with a population that is 1.3 percent Christian, people are learning about Christ as local missionaries proclaim His death and resurrection and distribute gospel literature in parks and other public spaces. Others are hearing the Word of Life in small group Bible studies. The mission of one native ministry’s church is to make Christ known in villages where the gospel has never been preached. Donations of $25 or $50 are sought for the tools, training and means to carry forward these and other disciple-making efforts. Workers request prayer for spiritual awakening and transformation as the gospel takes root in many communities.

June 19th


COVID-19 has led to online worship services that give Muslims the opportunity to ask questions about Christianity without having to risk being seen walking into a church building. One local ministry leader said young Muslims participating in the online services are asking many questions about Christianity, resulting in two young women putting their faith in Christ. Another ministry also reports more young people asking questions after discovering church services online, and workers are discipling new believers in several cities by preparing and sending them lessons. Donations are sought to continue forming such disciples. Pray they would find fellowship despite many obstacles.

June 20th


Local missionaries were able to lead 40 seminars to strengthen leaders and new disciples in spite of the pandemic, and church-planters continued to see new congregations form. In one village with seven Christian families, believers strong in faith continue to meet in spite of severe persecution; local authorities forbid them to work any land. The gospel continues to spread in home visits and through Facebook, radio programs and medical trips. Local missionaries seek donations of $25 or $50 for the tools and training necessary to make mature disciples. Pray that local and national leaders will grant religious freedom, and that the Lord would be close to His children who are suffering.

June 21st


Children from poor families would not be able to access basic education without assistance from local missionaries who cover tuition, supplies and other school costs. Workers also help students to adjust to school life, bringing them hope and a more secure future as they grow up with reverence for God and the grace of Christ. The same native ministry also provides goats and chickens to children’s families as sources of nutrition and wealth. Donations of $30 or $60 are sought for such support for children and youth. Pray the Lord would guide children to good health and faith in Christ.

June 22nd

South Asia

Support from Christian Aid Mission donors enabled native missionaries to go to unreached villages and dig borewells, providing sorely needed drinking water and leading the way for three families to put their faith in Christ. Workers in two other villages provided borewells so that new Christians deprived of their drinking supply had good water. In another area, local missionaries urgently need to dig 15 borewells to help new Christians cut off from community water sources because of their faith. Donations of $35 or $70 are sought throughout the region to provide fresh drinking water. Pray that borewells would lead the unreached to the One who quenches spiritual thirst.

June 23rd


In spite of quarantine, 150 tribal people who put their faith in Christ were able to receive biblical teaching from local missionaries via remote, online discipleship training. Translation of an ethnic language has continued via phone and video conference with a local tribal missionary leader; he plans to take a copy of a Christian book in a tribal language to a village where he has already brought medicines and shared the gospel. He and other local workers seek donations of $25 or $50 to proclaim Christ and form mature disciples. Pray for safe and fruitful trips to unreached villages as lockdowns are lifted.

June 24th

North Africa

A 20-year-old Muslim who was comparing the Koran and the Bible also went to some churches to try to discover spiritual truth, but it wasn’t until he met with a native missionary who explained the gospel to him that he put his faith in Christ. Opportunities to lead people to Christ have increased in his North African country. In spite of pandemic lockdowns, local missionaries have visited families in their homes and prayed with them, distributed 300 Bibles and have seen Christ transform many lives in an area known for addiction and crime. Donations of $25 or $50 are sought to form and grow such disciples. Pray believers will find fellowship despite the pandemic and opposition.

June 25th


In spite of coronavirus lockdowns, local missionaries with one native ministry were able to win hundreds of souls to Christ through online means, visitations, personal counseling and Bible studies. Among these, 47 people were baptized in spite of pandemic restrictions. Fasting prayer, prayer cells, prayer by telephone and online prayer requests were key in the outreaches. Local missionaries seek donations of $60 or $120 for such efforts to cultivate disciples. Workers request prayer for the Holy Spirit’s guidance and anointing to carry out the work God has given them.

June 26th


In a remote area where minority ethnic migrants are unable to obtain ID cards for their offspring because the number of their children exceeds the country’s birth control policy, more than 6,000 children lack education, food, clothes and medicines. Local missionaries are helping to meet their needs and also give the immigrants Bible teaching in their native language. The migrants recently thanked a missionary responsible for a congregation of 200 people for helping them to understand the Bible. Church planters and aid workers throughout the country seek donations of $60 or $120 to help them meet their monthly expenses. Pray that Christ’s love would lift people’s spirits and well-being.

June 27th


A refugee mother recently told local missionaries she had no words to express how grateful she was for aid provided to her children. In each bag local missionaries put daily food, a toy, pencils and other items, prompting incredulous parents to ask why they do it – the answer being the Lord Jesus commands it. Refugees also receive Christ-based psychological counseling and help with housing, along with assistance in obtaining asylum and education for their children. Donations of $35 or $70 are sought for such assistance. Pray refugees coming to Christ would find protection from persecution and the pandemic, and that they will cross paths with believers to encourage them in their faith.

June 28th

Sierra Leone

As the COVID-19 pandemic closed churches last year, the number of home cells and other small groups increased. By the time churches were allowed to meet again as full congregations, their numbers had swollen thanks to growth in the smaller groups. Local missionaries baptized 24 new church members. Discipleship has continued through social media, home cell groups and personal visits, along with regular training for youth and ministry leaders. Local missionaries seek donations to carry out such evangelism and follow-up efforts. Pray that church leaders would be anointed and protected to carry on the work.

June 29th


The coronavirus pandemic has created unprecedented opportunities. “There are many people to witness to and to visit and pray for during this heavy pandemic experience,” a ministry leader said. “Even through many lockdowns and emergencies, His grace is never under lockdown.” One new Christian is a former drug addict who now tells others how Christ transformed him. The leader said many pastors and native missionaries have lost their lives to COVID-19, but he feels an urgency to finish the gospel mandate. Donations of $25 or $50 are sought to make disciples in new areas, and workers request prayer that many will come to know Christ before the end time.

June 30th

Christian Aid

The ministries you support are led by evangelical Christians who gain the trust of the lost because they live and work within their own countries. Christian Aid Mission respects the unique, God-given vision and calling of each native ministry, recognizing that their leaders know best how to accomplish the Lord’s purposes among their own people. Please consider a donation today to help Christian Aid Mission find, evaluate and assist native missionaries reaching those who do not know Christ. Pray they would be encouraged and inspired to fulfill Christ’s command to make disciples among every people.