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March 1st | Philippines

In poor, remote areas where seeing a doctor once a year is a luxury, native missionaries arrange for medical and dental professionals to offer free clinics. Workers share the gospel with those waiting for medical care and offer Bible studies to those who are interested. Many healed tribal people put their faith in Christ, and the transformation that other villagers see in their lives draws them into fellowship as well – leading to communities with more virtue and less vice. Workers seek donations of $25 or $50 for medical and dental outreaches. Pray that churches forming would provide strong fellowship.

March 2nd


Those with disabilities are scorned and shunned in Ghana; their culture tells them that they were predestined to suffer helplessly. But donors have come to their rescue by empowering native missionaries to train them in sewing, hairdressing, farming and other skills for small business income. Now they no longer go to bed hungry, and they have regained dignity – as well as knowledge of eternal life in Christ. For these and other efforts to engage communities, donations of any amount are sought to help cover the $4,400 ministry need. Pray that those serving others in obscurity and weariness would find strength in Christ.

March 3rd


A drug addict despised his parents’ church for trying to help him, but members there persuaded him to seek help at a native ministry’s rehabilitation center. He was surprised to find center workers genuinely cared about him, and their loving efforts, including helping him to know God, ended the addiction after 18 months. Donations are sought for community engagement outreaches such as this that open the door to God. Pray the love of Christ would heal more souls.

March 4th


With deep faith in Christ’s power to transform hearts, a native missionary approached a Hindu “holy man” who had accumulated 1,000 followers in 45 years as a guru. After just one week of informing him about Christ, the guru exclaimed that Christ was the only God and Savior, put his faith in him and was baptized. Workers also saw 150 other followers of other religions recently become Christians. Donations are sought to equip workers for such evangelism and discipleship efforts. Pray for protection and provision for those being born of God.

March 5th


A young tribal boy told his mother he had no notebook or other school supplies, and she suggested they let God provide. Soon native missionaries showed up with school supplies for the village kids, and with great joy he told his mother God had provided. Native missionaries trekked through cold mountain rains to another village to deliver school supplies for 250 children, along with Bibles and the gospel. Such initiatives to engage communities are made possible by donations of $25 or $50 to help toward meeting the total need. Pray that these outreaches will help the needy achieve their God-given potential.

March 6th


Native missionaries at a church-based ministry near Syria are providing much needed food, clothing and other relief to refugees from war-ravaged areas across the border. They have been doing so since refugees began arriving in 2011, cultivating relationships and bringing broken individuals and families to saving faith in Christ. Workers planning to reach more refugees with life-giving aid seek donations in any amount to help meet the total need of $13,200. Pray that traumatized souls will find relief and comfort in Christ’s love.

March 7th

North Africa

Christians have been arrested on spurious charges for operating bookstores, possessing Bibles or using houses for worship services. A native ministry provides a place of refuge where persecuted Christians can take shelter, obtain any needed medical help and get vocational training to make up for income lost when they are cut off from employment or family. For this help, payment of legal fees and other aid for the persecuted, native missionaries seek donations of $35 or $70. Pray the presence of the Lord would be close to those suffering for their faith.

March 8th


At five Vacation Bible School (VBS) programs that native missionaries carried out in different places, more than 500 children put their faith in Christ. Another 60 students received Christ at a VBS in another area, while other native missionaries sent to an area near the border with Burma (Myanmar) planted a church with 12 baptized members. Workers seek donations for such evangelism and discipleship efforts throughout the country. Pray the Lord would strengthen and inspire His harvest workers.

March 9th

South Asia

A native ministry gave hope for a better future to 2,000 needy children at its Children’s Education and Development Centers, which offered not only the opportunity for education but spiritual growth with an emphasis on holistic development. The ministry trained native missionaries to provide this service and trained others in biblical studies and missions. Workers seek donations of $35 or $70 to become equipped for such wide-ranging ministries throughout the region. Pray the Holy Spirit would go before them in all things.

March 10th


When a Muslim from Senegal arrived as a refugee in a European country, he had no interest in talking about Christ before native missionaries helped him with housing, food, clothing and other aid. After three months of care he was open to listening, and native workers shared the message of Christ’s death and resurrection with him in his home. Today he leads a church in that home, and his transformed life is a strong testimony to neighbors. Workers helping refugees and others to plant churches seek donations of $35 or $70. Pray that gospel seeds will find more good soil.

March 11th

Middle East

Refugees from Syria and elsewhere suffer disease and desperation as they strive to survive the debilitating effects of a long winter. Native missionaries in Turkey provide emergency assistance to mothers, grandfathers and infants among the refugees they meet in tents and run-down apartments. Refugees find relief and are heartened that workers stay to talk after providing food, diapers, blankets and other critical aid flowing from donations of $35 or $70. Pray that workers will obtain supplies and transportation to show the love of Christ. 

March 12th


In the dry deserts of Rajasthan state, villagers and native missionaries alike were suffering from water shortages until the missionaries installed handpumps in several communities, improving health and creating opportunities for gospel proclamation. In other areas villagers have benefited from adult education classes that native missionaries have offered, raising social standards and delighting especially the elderly. For these and other community engagement projects, donations of $25 or $50 are sought. Pray God’s name would be glorified in improved lives.

March 13th


After injuring several people and trying to commit suicide, a 20-year-old’s mental condition was so serious that relatives suspected demonic possession. A relative brought him to a native missionary who had no experience in exorcism but had faith that the Lord would work through him. He prayed with him for hours, and the young man was healed, trusted Christ for his salvation and worships at church regularly. For such evangelism and discipleship work throughout the country, donations of any amount are sought. Pray the Lord would protect and encourage those He sends to the lost.

March 14th


Evangelicals make up less than 1 percent of the population but are growing at a rate of 4.6 percent as native missionaries proclaim eternal life in Christ in youth meetings, camps and Bible studies and activities geared toward young people, among other outreaches. Young people age 15 to 29 make up more than a quarter of the population, and native missionaries seek donations of any amount as they envision an Albania where Christ’s name will be revered in a country that is now 57 percent Muslim. Pray that those turning to Christ will grow deep in faith and fellowship.

March 15th


Going to remote areas of dire poverty, native missionaries must overcome rough terrain and unreliable transportation to reach Hindus and Buddhists with no knowledge of Christ. Communicating the gospel in a way that resonates in villagers’ cultural context, workers establish Bible study groups that grow into churches. Youths are given special attention for training as church leaders. Donations in any amount are sought to cover the total cost of $5,500 for such evangelism and discipleship initiatives. Pray that impoverished souls will find spiritual riches in Christ.

March 16th


After native missionaries led a 50-year-old mother to Christ, the transformation her 75-year-old father saw in her opened him to the gospel as well, and he also put his faith in the Lord’s death and resurrection. Besides evangelistic outreaches to children, teenagers and young adults, native missionaries also hold retreats and camps for women, families and people of different ages. Donations are sought for the means to carry out such evangelism and the discipleship that follows. Pray that troubled souls will find the light of Christ.

March 17th


Working in one of the most gospel-resistant areas of central Africa, two native missionaries recently visited 320 homes in 16 villages with pamphlets on eternal life in Christ. In the course of discipling two people who put their faith in Christ, they forged relationships with 17 others who also became Christians. In another area known for alcoholism and idolatry, a native missionary set up a cell group after 22 people from four tribes received Christ. Donations of $35 or $70 are sought for such evangelism and discipleship initiatives throughout the region. Pray the Lord would break strongholds of unbelief among many tribes.

March 18th


For years a church member’s husband had refused to believe in God, but when he was diagnosed with lung cancer, native missionaries returned to him time and again to encourage him and share word of Christ’s atoning death and resurrection. Months of Bible study and prayer finally resulted in him receiving Christ, which transformed his relationship with his wife. Such native missionaries rely on monthly donations of $60 to help provide for the tools and support necessary to devote themselves to the lost. Pray for the Holy Spirit to powerfully guide native missionaries.

March 19th


In spite of the dangers of working in remote areas amid terrorism from Islamic extremist groups and well-armed herdsmen, native missionaries are providing food, medical help and other aid to Internally Displaced People. They are also helping to resettle them in safe areas and to find farmland and housing. The workers also need to relocate their bases to safe areas in order to continue serving. For these projects and other compassionate aid, workers seek donations in any amount. Pray that terrorist attacks will cease, and that God’s kingdom would reign. 

March 20th


Poverty persists in several areas of Burma (Myanmar), opening opportunities for native missionaries to engage communities with services that directly impact many lives. Workers provide education for children who cannot afford it and install fresh-water wells and pipelines for remote peoples who otherwise would be sick from contaminated supplies. For these and other projects that build gospel bridges, native missionaries seek donations in any amount. Pray that relationships built amid service to entire communities would be God-ordained for His purposes.

March 21st


Still trying to recover from the damage inflicted by Islamic State terrorists on their cities and towns, Internally Displaced People with no resources look to native missionaries to help them resettle. Workers are helping returnees to rehabilitate homes and find work, and they are providing food, medicine and items that schoolchildren need. To provide these services in Christ’s name, they seek donations of $25 or $50. Pray that tragedies will be averted as vulnerable people find relief and Christ.

March 22nd


A native ministry leader fluent in Arabic and his team are the first contacts for refugees arriving traumatized and in tatters from Arabic-speaking countries. Daily depending on the guidance of the Holy Spirit, native missionaries extend the love of Christ to them by helping with legal status and providing schooling and language lessons, emotional/spiritual counseling and humanitarian aid such as food, clothing and infant care items. Donations of any amount make this aid possible. Pray that Christ’s name will be glorified.

March 23rd

South Asia

A native missionary led a Muslim to faith in Christ, who in turn shared the gospel with a friend who told him to stop talking about Him – until the friend found himself paralyzed, unable to walk or speak. The convert prayed for him, and he was able to move his hand and mouth. Later he prayed with him for three hours, and his Muslim friend began to walk and opened to learning about Christ. Through such miracles the Lord is using native missionaries throughout the region who need donations of $60 for the tools to bring Christ to the unreached. Pray that fledgling fellowships would be sweet and strong.

March 24th

Sri Lanka

With miraculous healings and transformed hearts, the Lord is honoring the hard work of native missionaries to spread word of His death and resurrection. One woman suffering kidney failure and glaucoma was unable to walk or pass urine, and one week after workers prayed for her she was completely healed and put her faith in Christ. Native missionaries also recently established seven fellowships. Workers throughout the country seek donations of $35 or $70 for such efforts to make disciples. Pray that God’s Word would cut through the morass of cultural barriers to the gospel.

March 25th


There is a vast potential harvest of souls in Vietnam, where the government has allowed massive evangelistic events. Though officially communist, the country has a spiritually inclined population with more than 60 percent involved in rituals of traditional folk religion or Buddhism. A native ministry trains and sends missionaries who know how to proclaim Christ in ways that are culturally relevant to Hmong and other peoples; 40 people from four unreached groups recently put their faith in Christ. For the training to prepare and send them, the ministry seeks donations to help meet the total ministry need of $11,000. Pray the Lord would be revealed to people in great darkness.

March 26th


Seeing how a native ministry’s vocational skills training enabled her husband to overcome a serious illness with a new job – and how he treated her and her children better after receiving Christ – an impoverished mother of three learned to sew so that she too could help support the family. Native missionaries also provide family health seminars, English lessons and emotional/spiritual counseling. For these and other community engagement initiatives, donations of $25 or $50 are sought. Pray that such outreaches would overcome forces of darkness with the light of Christ.

March 27th


Refugee families fleeing violence and oppression in the Middle East, Central Europe and Africa, many of them Muslim, arrive on the Iberian peninsula with critical needs and damaged emotions. Native missionaries rely on heroes in the global Christian community to make donations of $35 or $70 to equip them to help refugees find housing and provide clothes, food and spiritual and practical counseling. Pray refugees will find healing and wholeness from Christian workers.

March 28th


A young girl struggling in school was so inspired by a Christian message she heard while visiting a native ministry’s children’s home that she began achieving high marks in the classroom. She invited native missionaries to speak at her church, and other girls there were also inspired to improve their lives. Workers have improved entire schools and helped needy schoolchildren go on to university. For such community engagement projects, workers seek donations of $25 or $50. Pray that young lives will flourish to the glory of God.

March 29th


A native ministry offers Bible studies that focus on the relationships that biblical figures had with God, and these studies are strengthening the faith of many. A participant in one of the ministry’s more than 500 studies confessed to excessive pride and was deeply touched by the humility and obedience the once-proud King David learned. The lesson transformed her marriage and helped bring her parents to Christ. For such evangelism and discipleship efforts, donations of $35 or $70 are sought. Pray that new Christians will become strong to withstand increasing opposition.

March 30th

South Asia

Many suffer soul-wrenching poverty in India, but a native ministry cares for more than 170 needy children through a regular feeding program and provides schooling that enables hundreds to obtain a better living. Workers also arrange free medical clinics for people who otherwise have no access to health care. For such compassionate outreaches to children, widows and other needy people throughout the region, donations of $60 are sought. Pray that Christ’s love will give hope to those who have none.

March 31st

Christian Aid

They began compelled by the Holy Spirit. Most native missionaries did not have the resources available to carry out the work to which God called them when they began, but they went forward trusting in God. Even after years of far-reaching impact, most still have great needs. Please consider a donation today to help Christian Aid Mission find, support and evaluate native missionaries who are finishing the task of creating a witness for Christ in every nation.