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November 1st


During a month-long lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, a medical clinic offering health care to the poor and needy remained open for patients with chronic illnesses so they could receive their medicines. Now in full operation with appropriate precautions, it is serving 10 to 15 patients daily who need physiotherapy, fetal monitoring, lab tests and wound and burn care, among other treatments. The local ministry operating the clinic seeks donations to bring healing in Christ’s name to the country’s growing number of poor people. Local missionaries request prayer for the Lord to give them strength and wisdom in the face of overwhelming needs.

November 2nd


Her husband unable to work because of a broken leg, a young mother lost her cleaning job to a COVID-19 lockdown and could not feed her two sons. The food and other aid she received from local missionaries brought tears of joy to her eyes. This scenario was repeated in multiple states as 493 families received food aid in one month, and ministry workers also provided cloth masks to 560 people and soap to 200 families. Donations are sought to provide such aid to the needy throughout the hard-hit country. Pray that workers would be kept safe from violent assailants who have been given free rein to attack worshiping Christians and their leaders.

November 3rd


After closing churches for several weeks during a lockdown to contain the coronavirus, native ministries were able to re-open with gatherings of up to 100 in June and have been reaching lost souls with revival programs. They are providing hope to the discouraged with discipleship gatherings for new Christians, training vibrant leaders to plant churches and are distributing Bibles. Donations of $25 or $50 are sought to equip workers for these and other evangelism and discipleship initiatives. Pray God’s protection over evangelists, pastors and their families as they advance God’s kingdom, and that income-generation, school and other projects will be completed.

November 4th


An ethnic Quechua who was often drunk and mistreated his wife kicked a local missionary out of his house when the worker shared the gospel with him. Visiting him another day, the evangelist again spoke to him of Christ. The man received Him as Savior and saw his life transformed as he was discipled in the Word of God; now he is a missionary to his own people. A local missionary in another area reports that seven people recently put their faith in Christ. Workers throughout the country seek monthly donations of $60 for support while they carry out such evangelism and discipleship efforts. Pray they would find ways to initiate new relationships and maintain existing ones amid the pandemic.

November 5th


Fast church growth has increased demand for discipleship and leadership training materials. A native ministry’s Bible study courses are meeting that need in restricted areas, with the number of groups using its curricula growing to 612 after more groups received it in Gansu Province, Zhejiang Province and Inner Mongolia. Most classes are conducted online to prevent the spread of coronavirus. The local missionaries responsible for these classes and materials need donations of $60 monthly to support themselves and their families. Workers seek prayer that the Lord would keep them and new Christians safe from opposition and COVID-19.

November 6th


Two Khmu families in the communist country listened attentively to a native missionary’s Facebook live messages, and when they got the opportunity to meet him in person, they put their faith in Christ – a total of 14 people. They are now attending a church in their village. Besides social media and radio broadcasts, local missionaries are visiting homes to bring the message of Christ’s salvation throughout the country in spite of risk of arrest and suffering. Seeking donations for the tools needed for such outreaches and discipleship, they request prayer for the two newly Christian families to deepen their faith in order to withstand potential persecution.

November 7th


The coronavirus pandemic has devastated the lives of impoverished women, single mothers, widows and women suddenly widowed by COVID-19, who eat only if they earn daily income as maids, hairdressers, nannies, day-laborers and other trades. Local missionaries are maintaining contact with these women by phone texts and calls to support them emotionally, spiritually and financially. To help them, their children and others suffering from the pandemic with rent payments, bills, food, clothing and other needs, workers seek donations of $35 or $70. Pray the Lord would protect workers and those they’re serving from the virus.

November 8th


A local missionary led a Muslim to Christ who later shared the gospel with a paralyzed man and, after persuading him to believe that God could heal him, the Lord answered their prayer with complete healing and repentance for salvation. With the threat of persecution growing, local missionaries spend much time in prayer before going to villages where Christ is unknown. They then search for a man or woman of peace in the village, build a relationship and reach others through that person. Within months, a house church is formed. Workers seek monthly donations for their living expenses while they carry out such evangelism and discipleship. Local missionaries request prayer for peace in the country, protection of evangelists and training of more church leaders.

November 9th


A refugee woman from Nigeria and her son were among thousands of refugees who fled violence in their home countries and arrived in Spain with no resources. She had fallen into prostitution to make ends meet when local missionaries reaching out to trafficked women provided her spiritual and emotional counseling that resulted in her and her son turning to Christ. She and other refugees from Africa and the Middle East began their path to transformation from the food, clothing, housing and other aid provided by local missionaries, for which donations of $35 or $70 are sought. Pray that workers vulnerable to opposition and COVID-19 will be kept safe.

November 10th


People are starving amid coronavirus lockdowns that cost them jobs and slowed supplies. Refugees and people displaced internally by ongoing violence in Iraq are in deeper need due to the spread of COVID-19, and local missionaries are continuing to provide aid. In one area, they have increased distributions from once a month to once a week to meet growing needs. Workers seek donations of $35 or $70 in order to provide food, water and other relief aid to the displaced. Pray local missionaries will be protected and strengthened as they face growing need and disease, and that hopeless refugees will find encouragement in aid and Christ’s love.

November 11th


Local missionaries provided life-saving food and other aid to 500 families whose breadwinners were unable to work because of the coronavirus pandemic. Those receiving aid included the elderly, the disabled and about 100 pregnant or nursing mothers. Health workers were also grateful to receive Personal Protective Equipment such as masks and hand sanitizer from local missionaries. A local official thanked them, saying whatever people say against Christians, “you are the ones quietly serving.” Such workers seek donations of $35 or $70 to provide relief aid. Pray the Lord would provide opportunity to proclaim Christ while keeping workers safe from disease and opposition.

November 12th


Local missionaries are translating Bible stories into the languages of eight subgroups of a major, unreached ethnic group that was Islamicized centuries ago. While providing the stories to one subgroup to test the translation’s accuracy, the father of a Muslim family put his faith in Christ. Ministry workers are also organizing literacy classes and health care, while others provide help to street children, giving local missionaries a platform for gospel proclamation. Workers seek donations to help cover their families’ monthly expenses and allow them to devote themselves full-time to these and other outreaches. Pray the Lord would clear away all obstacles to Christ entering into people’s hearts.

November 13th


Local missionaries are bringing knowledge of the way of the Lord and His truth in outreaches to students from elementary school to college. They are welcome at schools for the positive effect they have in molding character, as students become more respectful, caring and loving. In one year, one ministry was able to care for and help educate more than 1,000 children, while other workers trained more than 220 pastors and church-planters. Donations are sought for these and other outreaches throughout the country. Pray the Holy Spirit would go before workers to help them form relationships and reveal Christ in hard hearts.

November 14th


In a Central Asian country where the population is 98 percent Muslim, native missionaries take up residence in unreached villages to plant home fellowships and train leaders. Initially they form small groups of new Christians combined with people open to learning about the Lord, with 20 such groups formed during a recent six-month stretch. They establish relationships by face-to-face interaction in homes and public places as well as through responses to gospel proclamation on Internet and TV platforms. Working amid opposition and coronavirus dangers, local missionaries seek monthly donations of $60 to cover their daily living expenses as they initiate these and other evangelism and discipleship projects throughout the region. Pray that new believers will stand strong against pressure from family and friends to return to man-made religion.

November 15th


Local missionaries distributing Bibles and other Christian literature to people in this 96-percent Muslim country strike up conversations with them, leading to opportunities to learn their needs and pray for them. Workers put 1,000 Bibles into the hands of people from a major ethnic group over six months, while the ministry sent a church-planting team to another area where no one had adequately presented the gospel. As local missionaries undertake outreaches to various groups, the ministry seeks donations of $60 to cover their meager living expenses. Pray local missionaries will be able to connect with church members and the unreached amid the pandemic.

November 16th


In jungles where the coronavirus had not reached, thousands of tribal villagers who had never heard of Christ heard the gospel from local missionaries, and many committed their lives to the Lord. Workers following up with them in home visits prayed with and encouraged the new Christians, inviting them to classes to learn God’s Word and forming churches. Local missionaries reported that 362 people were baptized. Donations are sought for such evangelism and discipleship initiatives throughout the country. Pray that opportunities to share Christ’s salvation would continue in spite of the coronavirus pandemic.

November 17th


Several ethnic groups in villages where the Lord’s name was unknown heard the gospel when native missionaries visited them. The chief of one village welcomed teaching about Christ, as did his wife, and now a small group of Christians is worshipping, praying and studying God’s Word. In another remote village, a local missionary couple proclaimed Christ among a tribe gripped by fear of a shaman and jungle spirits, and everyone put their faith in God’s Son and formed a church. Donations are sought for such evangelistic outreaches and discipleship throughout the country. Pray for the safety of workers as they make their way through jungle hazards to reach lost souls.

November 18th


During a coronavirus lockdown, more than 100 people in several villages died from starvation or diseases related to lack of nutrition as they were unable to work. At the same time, the lockdown gave jihadist terrorists even greater rein to kill Christians and destroy their homes. Local missionaries are traveling to villages with doctors and nurses to provide help, along with food, water and other relief aid to the displaced and others. Donations are sought for such disaster relief for suffering people. Pray that workers will be protected from COVID-19 and terrorists as they risk their lives to save those of others.

November 19th


When Christians showed unconditional love to an Iraqi refugee and his family, he put his faith in Christ. As local missionaries discipled him, he developed into an evangelist who has brought scores of other Iraqis, including Muslims, to Christ. In another part of Turkey, a Syrian refugee whom local missionaries had led to the Lord contracted COVID-19. When he was healed after the workers prayed for him, eight other refugees put their faith in Christ. These and other local missionaries involved in various outreaches seek donations of $60 toward their monthly expenses. The workers request prayer for refugees whose needs have skyrocketed due to the spread of COVID-19.

November 20th


Working boldly but wisely, local missionaries are proclaiming the gospel amid growing opposition. A native evangelist shared the Lord with two people and studied with them for six months before one put his faith in Christ. The other person is still wavering but is continuing to study with them. Workers in the same ministry oversee 300 people attending 10 churches and recently planted another church in their city, while others train pastors and church planters. Local missionaries throughout the country need donations for such evangelistic outreach and discipleship programs. Pray the Lord would break strongholds, create opportunities and soften hearts for the expansion of His kingdom.

November 21st


Local missionaries were overjoyed to plant a new church in a village near their ministry base, and they have trained two people to lead it. The number of young adults and children in particular is growing at the new fellowship. Native workers visiting homes, leading youth meetings and organizing summer camps are finding new opportunities to proclaim eternal life in Christ in a country that is 57-percent Muslim. They seek donations for the means to continue evangelism, Bible studies and other follow-up leading to new churches. Pray that workers will be protected from COVID-19 as they seek opportunities to share Christ with people without hope.

November 22nd


Local missionaries have presided over funerals for church members who have died from COVID-19 or flooding, but even as they provide relief and poverty-alleviation tools, they are proclaiming Christ. More than 100 people put their faith in the Lord as native missionaries shared the gospel with them earlier this year. Traveling to predominantly Muslim and other areas where Christ’s name is unknown, workers brave disease to bring the message of eternal salvation. They seek donations for Bibles, discipleship materials and other tools of evangelism and follow-up. Pray that income-generation projects, aid for widows and children and other assistance will open people’s hearts to Christ.

November 23rd


Local missionaries spreading the message of eternal life in Christ are seeing lives transformed, such as a young couple stopping their life of crime and many others turning away from drugs to follow the Lord. Evangelists establishing friendships in villages are making disciples who then form churches; in one six-month span, 150 people were baptized, and local missionaries provided three discipleship trainings. Church planters throughout the country seek donations for such evangelism and follow-up. Pray the Lord would provide the means, the protection and the boldness for workers to plant and strengthen churches.

November 24th


One of the two leaders of a native ministry to Syrian and other refugees is a native Arabic speaker, but refugees from Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and other areas of conflict require interpreters as team members meet their basic needs. With your help, the ministry meets the spiritual, emotional and material needs of traumatized people who have left possessions behind. Workers providing them assistance with applications for housing and asylum as well as food, clothing and other aid seek donations of $35 or $70. Local missionaries request prayer to be able to keep up with increased needs and to be protected from opposition and disease.

November 25th


A wealthy Buddhist businessman who was an expert in magic met a local missionary and was touched to see that the worker and his wife took care of 23 children. After asking for a Balinese Bible and an MP3 audio Bible, he later asked for prayer. He had several discussions with the local missionary and decided to put his faith in Christ. The local missionary and others throughout the country seek donations to be equipped for such evangelization and discipleship efforts. They request prayer for wisdom and protection from new Christians’ relatives who oppose them and sometimes threaten violence.

November 26th


Working with people far below the poverty line, local missionaries in a Central Asian country found the sister of a mother who died in childbirth so that the aunt and her husband could care for her three children. Soon the aunt and uncle accepted Christ. Praying for the sick and providing food to the hungry are just a few of the many ways local missionaries establish gospel bridges with people in the country that is 93 percent Muslim. In more than a dozen trips around the country, workers also trained about 150 people for leadership as they planted God’s Word among the unreached. Donations are sought for these and other evangelism and discipleship efforts throughout the region. Local missionaries request prayer for revival, religious freedom and courage to expand God’s kingdom.

November 27th

South Asia

In spite of opponents warning Christians to stop meeting for worship, local missionaries were able to form new house churches and cell groups for gospel proclamation in 139 places over six months. They also dedicated nine new church buildings. Workers proclaimed Christ in personal conversations in their neighborhoods and workplaces, in medical outreaches, at film screenings, in home visits and in children’s development projects. Donations of $25 or $50 are sought for such outreaches and the ensuing discipleship and training programs. Pray for deliverance from attacks, and for strength and encouragement for those living in fear of assaults.

November 28th


Muslim refugees from Syria, Iraq and other countries came to the Lord after receiving aid and the gospel from local missionaries in one European country, while in another country Muslim refugees from northern Africa and the Middle East put their faith in Christ when native workers reached out to them. As churches form and multiply, the need for leadership training, transportation and other tools of evangelism and discipleship also grow, for which donations are sought. Pray that more workers will be trained in church leadership and evangelism to keep up with the unique opportunity to grow God’s kingdom.

November 29th


Flooding from torrential rains has collapsed houses, swept away bridges and crops and damaged buildings. Pastors’ homes and church buildings have been destroyed. The rains came after locust swarms and COVID-19 had devastated thousands of already impoverished people. Local missionaries are providing food, water, soap and protective masks as they are able, but with churches closed they also need assistance for their own survival; they seek donations of $50 or $100 to repair damages, meet their families’ needs and provide aid to others. Pray the faith of many suffering people would hold strong as they endure one disaster after another.

November 30th

Christian Aid

Based in some of the world’s poorest countries, local missionaries began their ministries with zeal only to find their greatest obstacle was lack of support. Thank you for being their supply line. We are also working with zeal to find, vet and evaluate Christian workers reaching their own peoples in the difficult places of the world, many of which are impossible for anyone else to reach. Please consider a donation today to help Christian Aid Mission find and connect those workers with you, and pray they will be encouraged and strengthened to bring the gospel to every tongue, tribe and nation on earth.