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October 1st | Former Soviet Union

Things were going pretty well for Alexey, who had kicked a heavy addiction to drugs and alcohol with the help of native missionaries after having grown up fatherless in Kazakhstan. Then he decided to stop attending church services. He had first gone to the native missionaries’ church for food when he was a homeless beggar, but now the one-time middle-school dropout was in his young 20s and had obtained a job that paid enough to feed himself. He moved in with a new love, and soon they had a baby boy. He fell back into substance abuse and found his income did not cover famiy costs, however, and soon child welfare authorities arrived at his door to take their son away. Their pleading persuaded officials to give them a deadline for showing they could care for him. Realizing his need for God, he took his family to the native missionaries’ church service the following Sunday. “There I repented from my sins and asked believers to pray for us,” he said. “From that day on, a huge change took place in our lives. Anya and I got married, I got free of my drug and alcohol abuse again, and our family read the Bible every day.” Native missionaries helped him obtain the citizenship documents he had never gotten from having grown up on the streets since his teenage years, and Alexey found work that paid him more than he had ever earned. The child welfare officials saw the changes and realized their son was in good hands. “Thanks to God and the people of the church. For two years now our family has been going to church, always thanking God for the miracle He has done in our lives.” Native missionaries like the ones that formed this church and helped Alexey are seeing lives transformed throughout region. They welcome donations in any amount for their monthly expenses as they bring Christ’s love to hurting people. Pray for Holy Spirit’s power to accompany them.

October 2nd


In spite of difficulties and dangers traveling through checkpoints in an ethnically divided country, native missionaries in one six-month span shared the gospel face-to-face with hundreds of Muslims and people of other religions, and with thousands in evangelistic events. These meetings were followed by discipleship and Bible training, and the distribution of Bibles was critical in every gospel opportunity. Workers seek donations of any amount for Bibles in Syrian, Arabic and Kurdish languages, as well as children’s Bibles, for distribution at houses, hospitals, shopping centers and in public schools. Pray the Lord would open the eyes of people reading Scripture for the first time.

October 3rd


Through open-air meetings and house-to-house visits in remote villages, native missionaries in the village of Amuka saw 46 souls won to Christ, and they planted a church where 20 adults worship, along with 25 children attending Sunday School. Among those saved, 12 were delivered from occult practices. Workers are bringing freedom in Christ in the same way to people in bondage throughout the country, with many healed and delivered from powers of darkness. Workers seek donations of any amount to make these outreaches possible. Pray that godly leaders would cultivate their congregations with solidly biblical foundations.

October 4th

South Asia

Among the most downtrodden people in the world, Rohingya refugees in India and Bangladesh receive life-saving food and water from native missionaries. This compassionate aid creates gospel bridges for the predominantly Muslim refugees and deepens the knowledge of God for those who have decided to follow Christ. A ministry offering emergency relief also plans to provide education for the children, including a Sunday school, along with hostels for them. For such aid and other acts of compassion in the region, native missionaries seek donations of $35 or $70. Pray that today’s work will bring the peace of God’s kingdom in the next generation.

October 5th


A young woman once entangled in constant conflict with her husband, mother-in-law and colleagues heard the gospel from native missionaries and put her faith in Christ. She now serves her mentally ill mother-in-law with otherworldly patience, and her husband and co-workers often praise her kindness. Native missionaries such as the one who led her to Christ recently planted three churches in three cities. To continue such work in the face of much opposition, they seek donations of any amount. Pray for strong leaders to emerge for new fellowships.



October 6th


Native missionaries find that personal, face-to-face relationship is the most effective way to introduce people to Christ and His salvation. In visits to tribal people in the Andes, native missionaries begin and develop relationships by bringing food and helping with their farm work, as well as visiting the sick. Recently 30 tribal people decided to follow Jesus, and after follow-up discipleship, 16 were baptized. For such evangelism and discipleship efforts throughout the country, workers seek donations of $50 or $100. Pray the Lord would grow and protect His church.

October 7th


A native ministry’s bore well and school ushered in a fount of good will from villagers in Nigeria as the clean water reduced a high mortality rate to nearly zero, education opened up economic opportunities for children and acceptance of the gospel transformed the area into a beacon of moral light. A medical clinic also opened, keeping many women from dying in childbirth. Such community engagement projects bring transformed lives and eternal salvation in countries throughout Africa, for which donations in any amount are sought. Pray for God’s kingdom to spread in the face of an Islamist push for territory.

October 8th

Middle East

Children from Muslim homes and other religions flock to a native ministry’s kids’ programs three times a week for activities, crafts and skits, where they also learn the Bible and Christian songs. Older youths meet on Saturdays and Sundays. The ministry’s wildly popular programs reach 4,000 children and youths, and more would attend if there were more trained staff members. Children and their families from the predominantly Muslim country regularly put their faith in Christ. Donations of $35 or $70 are sought for such evangelistic programs throughout the region. Pray that smiles would return to the faces of traumatized children, and that they would know peace in Christ.

October 9th


In Bihar, one of the poorest states of India, native missionaries are committed to improving the lives of tribal people living in remote areas. They have seen communities transformed as they offer food, education and tutoring to children as well as advocacy assistance for marginalized adults and training in job skills like sewing. Medical clinics with free check-ups and adult literacy programs round out the social improvement efforts that build relationships for gospel proclamation. For these and other community engagement projects throughout the country, native missionaries seek donations of $30, $60 or $90. Pray for God’s light and love to arrive in areas of harsh opposition.

October 10th

North Africa

In an officially Muslim country where secret Christians might otherwise succumb to Islamist pressure, native missionaries follow-up with people who have responded to Christian satellite television, radio and Internet programs, discipling them and starting worship groups. With fasting and prayer, workers travel to help new believers cultivate their faith. In one area, they saw three former Muslims get baptized, while in another 32 people put their put their faith in Christ. These are just a few of the evangelism and discipleship ministries throughout the region in need of donations of $50 or $75. Pray for courage and faith as they face opposition.

October 11th


A family on the island of Mindanao put their faith in Christ after listening to a native ministry’s gospel radio broadcast, and they are now attending church. Workers are seeing whole communities transformed; one person responds in faith, then one family and extended relatives, and soon an entire community that was once lawless and unfriendly becomes God-fearing and gracious. Public preaching on the street, film showings and sports and medical outreaches are other tools that bring people to Christ. Native missionaries seek donations of any amount for such evangelism and discipleship efforts. Every gift will help. Pray the Holy Spirit would touch both those who preach and those who listen.

October 12th


In a country where radical Islam is spreading, native missionaries who live in virtual poverty risk their lives to serve their countrymen in orphanages, Bible schools, adult literacy classes, education for poor kiln laborers – and by proclaiming salvation in Christ. One native ministry sends workers by twos to marketplaces to sell Bibles for a token donation, which are then used to start conversations about the Messiah. Starting cell groups that grow into churches, workers showing Christ’s love in various ways seek donations of $60 or $120 for their monthly upkeep. Pray that workers will find refuge and strength in Christ.

October 13th


A native ministry’s success in starting churches that produce daughter churches is continuing to spread. With a continual stream of training sessions for pastors and evangelists, new Christians are learning how to plant more churches in cities in Spain, including how to start prison fellowships. As Muslim refugees from the Middle East and North Africa put their faith in Christ in Spain, they are also being trained in evangelism and discipleship, and some who return to their countries are planting churches there. For training and other evangelistic needs, donations of any amount are sought. Pray that church growth would be a shining light amdi the darkness of secularism and man-made religion.

October 14th


In the slums of the capital city of Dhaka, native missionaries have established relationships with many impoverished Muslims and discovered a deep need to help provide education for their children. They plan to provide schooling and meals for destitute children to the extent that funding arrives. Elsewhere in the Muslim-majority country, 20 churches founded by native missionaries plan to provide food, education and medical care for 600 children. For these and other community engagement projects in the country, workers seek donations in any amount. Pray impoverished souls will find riches in Christ.

October 15th

South Asia

With signs and wonders, the Lord is working in India and other countries of the region through native missionaries praying for the sick. One evangelist working among the Marma and Chakma peoples saw two people put their faith in Christ after teaching about Christ’s sacrificial death and resurrection and praying for a man suffering from serious chest pain and fever. His ministry plans to guide 60 tribal people to believe in Christ and plant three ethnic churches in the coming year. For this and other evangelism and discipleship efforts throughout the region, workers seek 100 donors to give $65 each toward this urgent need. Pray the Holy Spirit would prepare hearts for each native missionary sent.

October 16th


As Islam makes further inroads into the country, native missionaries are developing crucial strategies for winning souls to Christ. In one village, workers taught the entire population how to plant and cultivate crops in very short span, sharing the message of Christ’s salvation at the end of each training session. Sharing the gospel among Muslims, distributing Bibles, assisting poor children with school fees and food and visiting the sick are just some of the ways they show God’s love, for which donations of any amount are sought. Pray the joy of the Lord would spread throughout the land.

October 17th

Middle East

As Christians continue to face life-threatening dangers in Iraq and Syria, native missionaries in Jordan meet critical needs of refugees in desperate straits. Seeing Muslims put their faith in Christ, workers bring them together for training and encouragement. They provide the refugees vocational training to earn a living in sewing, wood-working and other trades, and a Christian school catches their children up on lost classroom time. Native missionaries such as these throughout the Middle East seek donations of $60 or $120 for their monthly upkeep. Pray for endurance and inspiration for overworked missionaries.

October 18th


Initiating gospel talks with strangers on the street or holding evangelistic meetings in hospitals, native missionaries who survive on scant resources work in many ways to bring the Good News of eternal life to their countrymen. Some workers recently helped friends understand the assurance of salvation in Christ, and the new Christians’ belief freed them from addictions to both smoking and the Internet. A discipleship class taught a divorced woman how to rebuild her marriage with her ex. Such stories abound but require monthly upkeep for workers with donations of $60 or $120. Pray for strength for those facing loss of jobs for their faith.

October 19th


The few Christians in a village of ethnic Mixtec people were under constant pressure for their faith until native missionaries implemented a series of Bible teachings for them. More deeply rooted in their faith, the Christians began making such an impact that villagers turned to them for healing prayer rather than sorcerers. Local rulers even gave Christians permission to carry out open-air evangelistic events – previously unthinkable. Donations are sought for such evangelism and discipleship efforts throughout the country. Pray for strong churches to shine loving light.

October 20th


When an 11-year-old girl named Roksolana came to a shelter for orphans and other disadvantaged children last year, she did not know how to change clothes or wash her hair and lacked knowledge of basic hygiene. Native missionaries learned that her single mother, who had mental disabilities, had been diagnosed with a debilitating disease after suffering a heart attack, resulting in Roksolana entering the Father’s House shelter. The educational, cultural and developmental activities there help Roksolana and other children learn how to integrate into society and set goals as they identify their God-given gifts and abilities. Workers seek donations of $30 or $60 to help children become productive Christian adults. Pray that young hearts will receive Jesus.

October 21st


Training youths to improve their lives and the lives of others based on biblical tenets, native missionaries are developing evangelists who will be the next generation of church planters in remote regions. As a result of various gospel-infused outreaches, workers are starting small groups that become churches. Another native ministry recently trained 94 emerging leaders to help disciple new and growing churches. For these and other evangelism and discipleship efforts in a country where opposition to the gospel is growing, native missionaries seek donations of $35, $70 or $105. Pray that Hindus and others would see how Christians love them and one another.

October 22nd

Southeast Asia

After Bible and discipleship training, native missionaries are eager to proclaim Christ to unreached peoples in various harvest fields. One ministry in Burma (Myanmar) sends 91 workers to plant churches with a monthly living allowance of $150; that is not enough for their basic needs, but they go trusting God to provide. Evangelists and church leaders throughout the region are sent to bring eternal life in Christ and transform communities on such scant or non-existent living allowances; they seek donations of $60 or $120 to fulfill their hearts’ desire to see their countrymen saved. Pray for God to show Himself working and caring for them as they go forth.

October 23rd

Middle East

In Syria, former Muslims who have been physically attacked for putting their faith in Christ are unable to attain medical help, as the health care system is filled beyond capacity with displaced people and others ill or injured by war. Arranging for medical help is one way that native missionaries help these persecuted Christians, along with providing food and relocating them when their lives are jeopardy. In Lebanon, native missionaries are striving to care for a growing number of persecuted Christians, many of them refugees. Donations of any amount are needed to meet growing needs of persecuted Christians in the region as more Muslims come to Christ. Pray that hurting brethren will hold fast to Christ.

October 24th


A young woman who wore a niqab, or face covering, in accordance with her Muslim beliefs, was trying to persuade Christian women that their faith was flawed until she saw Christ in a dream; He told her she was walking in the wrong direction. As she explored Christianity, she encountered native missionaries who helped her find her way to Christ, and now she is part of a team that provides aid to refugees and is training to proclaim the gospel. She was one of 150 people who recently put their faith in Christ, and native missionaries such as the ones who discipled her seek donations of $35 or $70 for the tools to carry on such work. Pray that churches forming would show deep love to former Muslims.

October 25th

South Asia

About 90 percent of the impoverished people who attended a native ministry’s nutrition camp in India were suffering from varying degrees of illnesses. Workers reported that those who attended had many questions and were much encouraged by the answers about nutrition, treatment and cures. In another area of the country, native missionaries providing education for Rohingya refugee children were thrilled to see how they have progressed in their learning. For these and other community engagement projects, ministries seek donations $30 or $60. Pray the Rohingya children will continue on their path to becoming Christian leaders.

October 26th


In a Communist country where house churches are spreading fast, Christians welcome the opportunity to attend seminars in a safe place for training in the Bible, leadership and discipleship. They then return to their hometowns and share what they’ve learned with their own people. Native missionaries also hold seminars in Laos, where they build respect with local leaders by inviting them to participate as they reach out to the community in general with God’s Word. For these events and other tools of evangelism and discipleship, they seek donations of $60 or $120. Pray that church growth would be unimpeded in a hostile environment.

October 27th


Amid wrenching poverty, many children succumb to preventable diseases spread by dirty water and airborne elements. Native missionaries offer kids instruction on basic hygiene in health clubs with a biblical component. Now more than 100 children practice basic hygiene, giving workers the opportunity to demonstrate the love of Christ to their parents. Communities are now managing waste safely, and parents are blessed as they see their children washing their hands, praying and reciting the Bible. For such community engagement projects throughout the country, donations of $25, $50 or $75 are sought. Pray for God’s light to shine amid the darkness.

October 28th

Sri Lanka

Members of four families who put their faith in Christ in this majority-Buddhist country have faced much opposition, but they have been delivered and are now living peacefully in Christ. Native missionaries had long prayed for a church in the area. Workers with various native ministries are training evangelists to plant churches, reaching Tamils and Sinhalese in difficult and dangerous areas; one ministry has established 42 churches and baptized 92 people in a recent six-month span. For these and other evangelism and discipleship efforts, workers seek donations in any amount. Pray God will give strength and wisdom to pastors who also serve as evangelists sent to unreached peoples.

October 29th


The unprecedented opportunity to present Christ to Muslims weary of Islamist militant atrocities remains as refugees from Syria and elsewhere continue to crowd tent camps and cheap urban apartments. Native missionaries are seeing transformation as those who arrived with hard hearts are becoming more trusting, eager to help and open to the gospel. After receiving diapers, baby food, children’s Christian coloring books, and other relief items, in a six-month span thousands of people have heard the gospel, with many putting their faith in Christ. Workers seek donations of $100 from 50 donors to bring life-saving aid and eternal life to people who have left their lives behind.

October 30th


Whereas social and community outreach often serve as the front end of the wedge to bring the gospel to unreached peoples, native workers in northeastern India have found time and again that the reverse can be true: Bringing the Good News of Christ’s salvation transforms hearts, leading to social development. As villagers put their faith in Christ, His love compels them to bring roads, potable water, sanitation and health facilities, and lives are transformed. For such gospel outreaches and follow-up discipling, native missionaries throughout the country seek donations of $50 or $75. Pray that God’s kingdom would reign in once-unreached people’s hearts and lives.

October 31st

Christian Aid

From planting churches to providing free eye-screening and surgery for tens of thousands of people every year, native missionaries are bringing healing, salvation and transformation across the globe. With the same Spirit of God that created beauty and order from that which was formless and void, they are stepping from backgrounds of poverty and hopelessness into mission fields of fruitfulness and fellowship. You have the opportunity to help Christian Aid Mission find, evaluate and support them. Please consider a donation today, and pray that workers will be encouraged and established.