Displaced Christians in Nigeria Denied Aid

Among the more than 2 million people who have fled Islamic extremist violence in northern Nigeria are hundreds of Christians who have been denied resettlement help because of their faith, aid workers said.

Displaced Muslims have received government-built homes, new land and financial support for resettlement, but 347 Christians in urgent need have been denied help because of their faith.

“We cannot watch them die while others unwillingly turn to Islam to get support while we look on,” the leader of a Christian organization based in Nigeria said.

Nigerian Workers Risk Death to Save Lives

Muslim Fulani herdsmen seeking grazing lands among predominantly Christian tribes have made the north-central areas of Nigeria very volatile, the leader of a native ministry said.

Some of the ministry’s most effective church planting and humanitarian work has taken place in the area, including water boreholes in three villages and a school for the children.

“The greatest challenge remains security of the area and for our missionaries,” he said. “We have suffered losses there – some missionaries killed, and one for three years still missing. We have no idea what happened to him.”