Comfort The Downtrodden in North Africa

After the mother of a 17-year-old girl refused a young man’s proposal to her daughter, he raped the girl in revenge. He was sentenced to prison, and the young woman’s family beat her repeatedly, a common practice in a culture in which the girl is often blamed in instances of sexual violence.

Strengthen Church Leaders For Spiritual Warfare in North Africa

Eight young Muslim men were recruited from their villages by jihadists and spent more than a year involved in terrorism activities. But they soon realized their error in judgment and fled. When they happened upon Christian workers, they received Bibles in their native languages, and all chose to follow Jesus.

Send Word of Life to the Unreached in North Africa

Sports evangelism is helping to break down misconceptions that Muslims have about Christians. One 23-year-old Muslim involved in program soccer games said he was surprised to learn that Christians were good, moral people. Such sports outreaches, distribution of Bibles and literature, and teaching bring the unreached to faith in Christ.

Add People to God’s Kingdom in North Africa

A patient at a native ministry’s medical clinic despaired of ever being healed of a diabetic wound, and local missionaries read to her from John 5 the narrative of the invalid healed after 38 years. At the workers’ urging she prayed in Christ’s name, and she gained hope as healing advanced to miraculous stages.

Invite People into God’s Family in North Africa

A young woman estranged from her family called out to God, and a friend invited her to a native Christian ministry’s meeting, where she experienced the love of Christ through the other women and leaders. She attended a conference with them and put her faith in Christ as Lord and Savior.

Enable Workers to Sow Gospel Seed in North Africa

A woman in North Africa standing outside wearing traditional African clothes

In spite of surveillance by authorities and Muslim neighbors, native Christian workers have discreetly discipled new believers and found various ways to proclaim Christ. Among those who have put their faith in Christ were 16 people preparing for baptism and three older youths who participated in the ministry’s children’s program.

Miracles Bring Problems for Worker in Northern Africa

Two men from North Africa one with an arm around the other

The family of a man in northern Africa dying of a liver disease had already planned his funeral when a native Christian worker went to pray for him. “Our worker went by faith and laid hands on him and prayed fervently by faith, asking God to be honored and glorified in his life,” the leader of the native ministry said. The patient’s vital signs began to improve, but soon the village elders sought to ban the worker from the area.

Help Form New Disciples in North Africa

North African women with head coverings sitting with their children

Christians and Muslims are forming relationships that create good will and break down barriers to the gospel through a local ministry’s sports outreach. Competitions are held in several areas, including one where provincial officials attended events and praised workers for creating a spirit of cooperation as they brought together people of different faiths and economic levels for sustainable development.

Help Plant Gospel Seeds in North Africa

In spite of arrests and church closures, with much prayer and fasting native Christian workers shared the gospel in both broadcast recordings and personal discussions as they planted several home fellowships. One worker visited a man dying from a liver disease. After he lay hands on him and prayed, the man left the hospital 11 days later completely healed, and he and 35 relatives put their faith in Christ.

Help Plant Churches in North Africa

Working in a strict Muslim country, native Christian workers had the experience to safely share the gospel with many people as they visited 21 villages last year, 10 of them previously unreached. They planted 91 secret house churches, each with five to 10 members, in 12 villages.