Equip Gospel Workers in China

Chinese Christians sitting in an apartment while a young woman gives a slideshow presentation

As pandemic restrictions were lifted and college classes resumed, students who had received food and other assistance from a native ministry’s satellite churches were eager to share Christ’s love; some led summer camps and/or were led to attend the ministry’s Bible school.

Help Sow Gospel Seed in China

Chinese Christian woman in a winter coat shares her testimony to her church

A native ministry’s workers led church members to visit unbelievers in their homes, first teaching them how to use the Bible to encourage them. “Such face-to-face fellowship can motivate unbelievers spiritually and strengthen them physically and mentally every week,” the ministry leader said.

Support Gospel Workers in China

Chinese Christian women sit in orange chairs around a table for a Bible study

During strict COVID-19 lockdowns that have limited people’s ability to buy food, native missionaries have been able to continue offering discipleship crucial for anxiety-stricken Christians. One young Christian woman bore a grudge toward the Lord for not intervening.

Help Train Gospel Workers in China

Chinese Christian Men and Women sit around a table in an apartment to study the Bible

At a training for leaders of student fellowships, native workers taught 20 participants how to better carry out campus evangelism. “The leaders were committed to learning different, effective ways to evangelize, deepening their burden for souls and actively carrying out the gospel ministry on their own campuses,” the native group’s leader said.

Equip Workers to Lead People to Christ in China

Elderly Chinese men and women preparing to have their blood pressure taken at a health clinic

Some of the ethnic migrants a native ministry serves are notorious for vandalism, bullying children and persecuting Christians. After praying with ministry leaders, workers had the opportunity to stop an outside gang member from beating one of the more notorious migrants and took him to a hospital.

Help Reach the Lost in China

Chinese farmers sitting outside with hats on and cartons of hundreds of eggs sitting on a table

A husband and wife team have begun leading one small group each in their pioneering church-planting efforts. One group has more than 20 people, while the other is made up of 15 young Christians.

Help Form Strong Disciples in China

Chinese man wearing orange sitting on a bike talking to teenagers

A once-strong church was decimated by outside influences, the latest being COVID-19 restrictions, and workers from a native ministry helped members first focus on growing closer to Christ and then trained them to serve the community. Gradually the church helped outsiders to transform their lives and combat the pandemic.

Equip Workers to Share Christ in China

Family members were appealing to several gods for healing from an illness they had suffered for many years when native Christian workers paid them a visit and shared the gospel. The family put their faith in Christ, and in later visits the workers continued to pray for them, seeing great improvement in their condition.

Bring the Message of Eternal Life in China

Forming new relationships and sharing the gospel, native missionaries recently baptized seven new Christians. Workers disciple them and others through private visits, and Christians also help to build each other up in small groups in homes.

Help Train Leaders in China

Learning leadership in hands-on ministry and practicing spiritual disciplines, students at a native ministry’s Bible school developed deep commitment and conviction. Among the spiritual disciplines students practiced was regular intercessory prayer for the needs of others.