Provide Christ-Based Training in China

Local missionaries met a university professor six years ago and developed a deep relationship with her, and she said she saw Christ in them and became a disciple. They have nurtured her faith for about a year, and she is now discipling others and helping in local outreaches.

Provide Worker Living Allowance in China

A native ministry oversees 10 churches and four student fellowships, and some of the newer churches do not yet have full-time pastors. Local workers put in long days teaching and counseling those in their care, besides organizing camps for children and university students.

Bring Gospel Transformation in China

A young mother at a church had severe conflicts with her husband until local missionaries had the opportunity to begin teaching her at a group Bible study.

Help Form Strong Disciples in China

The daughter and son-in-law of a man suffering from cancer heard his testimony after a local missionary led him to repent and accept Christ, and when he died they saw the heavenly hope of Christians at his memorial service.