Share The Message Of Christ’s Forgiveness in Iraq

A woman who attended a native ministry’s home church was forced to flee her home, and when she returned, she found her house had been burned down and her neighbor had stolen and sold all of her belongings. Though she was angry for a long time, God helped her learn to forgive and, later, when her neighbor fell ill, she helped him and eventually shared the gospel with him.

Teach New Believers Evangelism Techniques in Iraq

As the number of new believers increases, one native ministry has begun to organize trainings that teach about following Christ and obeying Scripture, as well as evangelism techniques. About 20 attendees at one of the recent training sessions live in areas under strict religious law and must serve the Lord and evangelize in total secrecy.

Lift Up The Persecuted Church in Iraq

A widow and her two daughters became believers after they received a Bible, but they could not publicly express their faith because they lived in a camp alongside extremists. Ministry workers were able to move them to a different location where they can now freely live as Christians, and the children attend Bible study.

Help Fulfill the Great Commission in Iraq

Security issues keep Christians from attending local churches in many areas, but they grow in the Lord through worship and study of God’s Word through a WhatsApp group, including questions and answers.

Help Evangelize the Lost in Iraq

In the middle of a native ministry’s worship meeting for children, an Iranian refugee girl requested children’s Bible stories. After workers shared the stories, at the end of the meeting the girl asked them to pray for Jesus to enter her heart and save her.

Enable Evangelistic Outreach in Iraq

Two Iranian girls and one boy wearing formal clothes and dress for a Christmas ceremony

People attending Christmas celebrations in Iraq are open to receiving Bibles and the gospel. At one meeting last year, an Iranian girl from a refugee family who asked for a children’s Bible later raised her hand for prayer to receive Christ. Workers invite children to Christmas parties in villages and camps, where the children receive gifts and hear the gospel, as do their parents.

Support Gospel Outreach in Iraq

In evangelism training for Christians who were raised as Muslims, new believers from every province enjoyed fellowship as they learned how to share the Bible with Muslims. Native ministry workers also taught them ways for Christians of Muslim upbringing to meet the dangers of living in Islamic society in a way pleasing to the Lord.

Help Send the Salvation Message in Iraq

Christian workers provide a mobile medical clinic for a line of Iraqi people

Native Christian workers have multiple opportunities to share the gospel as they distribute Bibles, tend to the needs of refugees and the internally displaced and bring medical care to the poor. Workers with a native ministry’s mobile medical clinic share Christ daily with those receiving treatment, along with praying with them and providing them Bibles.

Help Spread the Gospel in Iraq

Ministering to people of varied ethnicities and religions, native Christian workers focused on one group after their ethnic religious rite. “The Lord allowed many of them to accept Christ after we delivered the gospel and Bibles to them,” the ministry leader said.

With ISIS in Pursuit, He Couldn’t Save His Daughter

The father of a displaced family in Iraq recently told Christian workers how he loaded up 21 relatives onto a pick-up truck to flee Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists in 2014. “Fadhil* suddenly saw in the mirror that his daughter, Lina*, had fallen from the vehicle, and the wheels of ISIS were not far behind them,” the native ministry leader said. “He was faced with a painful choice: Should he stop for his daughter, or continue on to save the rest of his family?” Silently agonized, Fadhil said nothing to his relatives of what he had seen.