Share Christ’s Love With The Hopeless in Türkiye

A student at an elite school happened upon a table outside a church that was stacked with New Testaments, and he took one and began to read. The next day, he returned to the church and confessed to the ministry workers that he had been contemplating suicide because he could find no joy in life. But when he read the New Testament, he realized how much God loved him.

Reach Out To Refugees in Türkiye

Christian workers from a native ministry visit a refugee camp once every two weeks and not only distribute supplies for their basic needs such as medicine, heaters, food, water, and clothing, but also build relationships with the families who have lived there for many years, gifting them with New Testaments and answering their questions about Christ.

Lead The Lost To Christ in Türkiye

A young Muslim man began to question his beliefs, sensing there was something missing from his life despite his devotion to Islam. “I yearned for a more personal connection with God,” he said. “A deeper understanding of His love and purpose for my life.” The man came across a magazine that included articles about Christian faith and personal testimonies.

Disciple New Believers in Türkiye

When a teenage girl told her family she’d become a Christian, they destroyed her Turkish Bible and forbade her from attending any church services. Refusing to renounce her beliefs, the girl marked a tree near her home with the sign of the cross and sits beneath it to read an English Bible, which her family cannot understand and therefore does not realize its value.

Help Train New Christian Leaders in Türkiye

Hundreds of people have been baptized or are awaiting baptism in churches that have been planted across the country. One new church only has two to three attendees, but they are new believers with a “fresh joy in the Lord.”

Help Fuel Gospel Proclamation in Türkiye

Workers distributing aid at a refugee camp shared the gospel with a married couple in a tent where other relatives were present, so they were able to ask questions about the Bible and the Savior sent into the world. The couple and another relative accepted Christ, and five other relatives participate in their Bible studies and worship times.

Provide Critical Aid to Refugees in Türkiye

Refugees from Syria needing clean water, food and health care are facing even greater shortages because of runaway inflation. Local missionaries are helping to meet these needs, including distributions of rice, flour, sunflower oil, sugar, salt, lentils and baby food, along with clean water, soap and feminine hygiene items. “Everything is unfortunately very expensive,” the ministry leader said.

Bring More People into the Kingdom in Türkiye

A family suffering various illnesses was passing by a church and, having seen a film depicting foreign pastors casting out evil spirits, entered the native ministry’s office and asked for prayer. Workers prayed for them and gave them a New Testament, encouraging them to read it daily and ask Christ for help.

Provide Aid for Traumatized Refugees in Türkiye

Christian missionary holds the hand of an elderly refugee woman in a refugee camp

Many employers refuse to hire refugees, and those that do would not pay enough for them to cover rent. The refugees tell workers that they cannot return to Syria as war has turned residential areas into areas of dangerous conflict or crime. Native Christian workers are the only ones providing them food, water and other aid, opening hearts to the Bible, prayer and the gospel.

Support Gospel Proclamation in Türkiye

Christians in Turkiye sitting in wooden pews in their small church building listening to their pastor preach

A young man who attended a native ministry’s church told the leader that he was an atheist, but after their conversation he attended weekly youth meetings. In the ensuing weeks the worker answered more of his questions about the Lord, and his heart began to soften; after hearing the leader preach on the need to trust God, the young man spoke with him and accepted Christ as Lord and Savior.