Help Form New Disciples in North Africa

North African women with head coverings sitting with their children

Christians and Muslims are forming relationships that create good will and break down barriers to the gospel through a local ministry’s sports outreach. Competitions are held in several areas, including one where provincial officials attended events and praised workers for creating a spirit of cooperation as they brought together people of different faiths and economic levels for sustainable development.

Help Plant and Grow Churches in Türkiye

Turkish Christians sitting around a table in a small room with their children for a Bible study

Native Christian workers are seeing the Lord do amazing things. After much prayer and outreach, workers began a fellowship of Iranian refugees in one town, and in another city, a new home fellowship has begun as 12 people recently put their faith in Christ. Each week after Sunday worship, workers and church members travel to two cities more than 80 miles away to share the gospel and lead services.

Equip Gospel Workers in Türkiye

The Lord is stirring people’s hearts to know Christ, with 20 to 30 visitors coming to a native ministry’s church services each Sunday and 10 to 20 people picking up New Testaments daily. A daughter church in another town began growing after members began meeting in a more visible location, and 14 people recently made their new faith public.

Equip Workers to Proclaim Christ in Türkiye

A university student entered a native ministry’s church building to take a few photos to post on Instagram and spent nearly an hour asking questions about Christianity. She took home a New Testament, read Mark and Matthew, returned for the Sunday worship service and said she finally felt the peace and contentment she had sought. She put her faith in Christ in spite of opposition from her family.

Help Sow Gospel Seed in Türkiye

Turkish Christians with their hands on each others shoulders looking at a church with a cross on the outside

So many people have come to Christ that a Turkish disciple who began assisting the leader of a native ministry has been commissioned to pastor a church that is growing in another town. “Just a few years ago there was only a handful of believers there, but now there are about 120 people coming to worship,” the leader said.

Provide Aid to Desperate Refugees in Turkey

Turkish children smiling while standing in a camp that has buildings made from tarps

Native Christian workers provided the food and clean water crucial for Syrian refugees even as they listened to cries for pain relievers, medicines, baby formula and clothing. The workers took note of the refugees’ pleas so they could provide the requested items on ensuing visits, thankful for the donations from Christian Aid Mission supporters that enabled them to meet the growing needs.

Help Send the Word of Life in Turkey

An Afghan refugee who put her faith in Christ initially feared her Muslim husband would divorce or kill her if he found out, but recently she decided to get baptized. When those discipling her asked what her husband might do if he learned of her faith, she said she prayed for him daily – and that she only worried that, when he comes to the Lord, he will be upset that they will not be baptized together.

Christ Revealed amid Disaster in Turkey

Efforts to help victims of the earthquakes that devastated Turkey have led to gospel opportunities, though ministry workers were seeing such openings grow even before the disasters. One worker, a Syrian refugee who accepted Christ and began helping to distribute aid, recently received a call at 10 p.m. from one of his countrymen – a refugee who had taken his sick child to a hospital emergency room. “He said that the doctor wanted to meet with me,” he said. “I was surprised and a little worried why the doctor would call me.”

Help Bring Salvation to the Lost in Turkey

A fellowship that began after people heard the gospel through social media has continued to grow. The Christians have shared the gospel with friends, and recently eight church members were baptized in a pool belonging to a relative.

You Can Send Emergency Aid to Victims in Turkey and Syria

Two devastating earthquakes and hundreds of aftershocks in Turkey and Syria have killed over 41,000 people, with the death toll continually rising, as people dig through the rubble of collapsed buildings in search of loved ones. Tens of thousands of people are now homeless in the bitter cold of winter.
You can help meet people’s greatest needs for items such as food, water, diapers, and blankets with your gift today. Ministry workers are on the ground in the hardest-hit cities to help uncover bodies and distribute emergency aid, but the needs are immense. In Turkey alone, over 5,600 buildings were destroyed. Syrian cities devastated by years of war were further demolished.