Build Biblically Solid Churches in Bangladesh

Native Christian workers following up with people who accepted Christ during home visits later prayed and studied the Scripture with them and left them with Bibles. “They were very happy to get this special thing,” the ministry leader said.

Help Sow Gospel Seed in Bangladesh

Christians in Bangladesh praying in a local store

Meeting people in marketplaces, shops and home visits, native Christian workers form friendships and share the gospel as they invest in the lives of others. Opportunities to tell people about Christ also arise as they distribute water and medicines and give free training in tailoring.

Equip Gospel Workers in Bangladesh

Christian missionaries sitting outside on plastic stools and chairs read the Bible to a group of Bangledeshi woman and children

The interest that an ethnic group showed when a native Christian worker shared the gospel in their tribal tongue compelled him to return to their village several times. Each time they heard him speak, they wanted to know more, and after a few months many of them put their faith in Christ and were baptized.

Help Spread the Salvation Message in Bangladesh

Christians in Bangladesh sit cross-legged on the floor of a bamboo and tin house going through a rigorous Bible study together

A follower of a traditional religion wondered how his sin could be removed, and then a native Christian worker had the opportunity to share the gospel with him. The man received Christ and has begun telling his relatives about God’s grace. Workers focusing on an unreached people group recently planted a church among them, and members of that congregation are bringing the gospel to their relatives in a neighboring village.

Help Send the Gospel to the Unreached in Bangladesh

A native ministry has sent new workers to share the gospel with two major tribes, joining those already working among six ethnic groups. “We have seen that lives among the people groups have been improving since the native missionaries started working in the three hill districts,” the ministry leader said.

Help Spread the Good News in Bangladesh

A woman with pain in her knees learned about a native Christian worker visiting her village and asked for help, as she had heard that the Lord Jesus granted the requests of Christians who prayed for healing. The worker prayed for her and left, and when he returned a week later, she told him the pain was gone.

Help Send the Gospel in Bangladesh

Bangladesh Christians sit on the floor of a house made of bamboo and grass discussing the Bible

In areas of poverty, disease and persecution, native workers guided by the Holy Spirit brought the message of eternal life to 1,420 people over a six-month period, with 270 of them trusting in Christ as Lord and Savior. Workers provided Bibles and discipled new converts as they brought them into fellowship.

Help Form Strong Disciples in Bangladesh

Bangladeshi pastor preaching to his small congregation

Visiting new Christians in various villages and teaching two seminars at their mission center, native Christian workers strengthened faith and made churches stronger. Their distribution of Bibles – 50 in one village, and 50 to a different people group in another, for example – has planted seeds for kingdom growth.

Help Children Know Christ in Bangladesh

Workers at a native ministry are caring for 350 children, providing materials and tuition for school, supporting their Bible teachers and operating a quarterly spiritual camp, Sunday schools and a hostel. “Our children are the future of this ministry and the church of the Lord,” the ministry leader said.

Provide Crucial Aid for the Needy in Bangladesh

People suffering from unprecedented flooding received critical aid from a native ministry thanks to your donations. A Muslim father of three children said no one came to help his family when flooding left them hungry and unable to work until a native Christian worker brought them food.