Enable Gospel Efforts in Bangladesh

New Christians at a local ministry leader’s church are growing in their faith as they pray during worship every Sunday and lead their families in evening meetings at their homes.

Open Way for Kingdom Growth in Bangladesh

Bangladeshi Christian receives funds from Christian missionary in his home

Native ministry leaders were pleased that pastors and other church leaders benefited so much from leadership training sessions that emphasized practical application of what they had learned. Ministry leaders also visited various villages offering seminars to build up believers, including the elderly, parents and youth.

Help Propel Gospel Initiatives in Bangladesh

4 Christian men stand in front of their church in Bangladesh

Praises that the leader of a native ministry and two other workers traveled to a village and, visiting one home after another, saw enough people put their faith in Christ to plant a church there. The leader recently dedicated three tribal children of the new Christians to the Lord.

Provide Aid for Disaster Victims in Bangladesh

Bangladeshi Christians sit in a circle on the floor studying the Bible together

Torrential rains caused flooding in southeast Bangladesh this summer that caused many people to lose both their homes and their daily work, and local missionaries provided emergency food and shelter to hundreds of them, including some recently baptized Christians.

Help Bring the Love of Christ in Bangladesh

Bangladeshi women carry bags of food under their arm

Local missionaries praise God for His faithfulness as they have continued to minister in spite of the pandemic. In one area where workers brought food to desperate families, including poor widows and the aged, a village chief was so impressed that he asked to learn about Jesus and the Bible and soon put his trust in Christ.

Help Give Voice to the Gospel in Bangladesh

Christian missionary teaches Bangladeshi women and children about Jesus Christ while they sit on the ground

A worker visiting a village met a man whose mother was so ill that the family was kept in isolation out of fear that she had COVID-19. The villager invited the local missionary to visit and pray for his mother, and after her rapid recovery, the man and his entire family put their faith in Christ.

Help Equip Evangelists in Bangladesh

Workers with a native ministry have been bringing the gospel to people in 18 districts; in the first two months of the year, they proclaimed Christ’s salvation in 26 areas, and in one they saw five people saved and take baptism.

Jesus Shows His Power in Bangladesh

Earlier this year, a new Christian in Bangladesh overheard a Muslim tell a tea vendor that his health was getting worse each day. Hassan, a young father and construction worker who grew up Muslim, had put his faith in Christ only two months prior.

Buddhist Boy Finds New Meaning in Death and Rebirth

When Tumo went to the temple as a little boy in Bangladesh and saw his parents worshipping the Buddha idol, he could not help thinking that it did not move and did not have life. “I used to tell my parents,” he said, “‘This idol does not have life, cannot speak and cannot hear – then why should we worship the idol of Buddha?’”