Support Ministry To Unreached Tribes in Bangladesh

Because of native missionaries’ diligent evangelism efforts to previously unreached indigenous tribes, approximately 1,940 people from various tribal villages were baptized during a six-month period. In addition to sharing the gospel, these Christian workers also taught the people about proper hygiene, and they distributed food among the most vulnerable families.

Bring The Gospel To Remote Places in Bangladesh

At the invitation of a village leader, two pastors agreed to visit his village, which sits 90 miles from where they live. They journeyed first by bus and then on foot, walking 25 miles to reach their destination. The people were eager to hear the gospel, and 54 were baptized that day.

Expand The Gospel’s Reach in Bangladesh

A young Buddhist man heard the gospel when a missionary traveled to his village and preached to the people. As a child, the young man had always questioned Buddhism and would ask his parents why they worshipped an idol that cannot speak or hear. After he heard the missionary teach the gospel message, he wanted to learn more about Christ.

Plant Gospel Seeds in Bangladesh

A Hindu woman in a native ministry’s tailoring program was amazed by a missionary’s story of Jesus following the conclusion of class one day. She invited the missionary to her home because her husband, a rickshaw driver, wanted to know more about Jesus too.

Help Workers Connect With Local Tribes in Bangladesh

Church planting and evangelism have been fruitful among the people of Bangladesh, and the recent completion of one ministry’s new church building culminated in a dedication ceremony in which Christian leaders preached a revival meeting.

Enable Gospel Efforts in Bangladesh

New Christians at a local ministry leader’s church are growing in their faith as they pray during worship every Sunday and lead their families in evening meetings at their homes. Workers are discipling fledgling Christians even as they visit new villages to distribute Bibles and begin forming relationships; over one six-month stretch, they proclaimed Christ to 1,200 people of other religions, and 12 churches were planted.

Help Expand Christ’s Kingdom in Bangladesh

A follower of a local religion was unable to find peace, and when native missionaries shared the gospel with him, he listened carefully as they taught from the Bible. After much consideration, he put his faith in Christ. “I have left my old behavior and character, and I am saved now,” he said.

Build Biblically Solid Churches in Bangladesh

Native Christian workers following up with people who accepted Christ during home visits later prayed and studied the Scripture with them and left them with Bibles. “They were very happy to get this special thing,” the ministry leader said.

Help Sow Gospel Seed in Bangladesh

Christians in Bangladesh praying in a local store

Meeting people in marketplaces, shops and home visits, native Christian workers form friendships and share the gospel as they invest in the lives of others. Opportunities to tell people about Christ also arise as they distribute water and medicines and give free training in tailoring.

Equip Gospel Workers in Bangladesh

Christian missionaries sitting outside on plastic stools and chairs read the Bible to a group of Bangledeshi woman and children

The interest that an ethnic group showed when a native Christian worker shared the gospel in their tribal tongue compelled him to return to their village several times. Each time they heard him speak, they wanted to know more, and after a few months many of them put their faith in Christ and were baptized.