Send the Salvation Message in Burma

Sometimes relocating from one place to another to escape military and other violence, native Christian workers at one ministry shared the gospel with more than 4,000 people over a period of six months.

Help Bring Word of Life Everlasting in Chad

People in predominantly Muslim areas are more open to the gospel as local missionaries improve their lives with clean water, health care and education, but in some areas they brace themselves against hearing the gospel after receiving such expressions of Christ’s love.

Help Sow Gospel Seed in Burma

A worker with a native ministry went to a new village and visited homes one by one until he reached the last one – he did not know it was that of a military family, much despised by the community after the February 2021 coup.

The Gospel Makes Surprising Inroads in Burma

When a local Christian worker in Burma (Myanmar) visiting homes knocked on one door in the country devastated by a military coup, he didn’t realize a military family lived there. Area residents were resentful and/or terrified of the family since the February 2021 coup unleashed havoc in the country – protests, crackdowns and sheer random violence left many areas paralyzed. “This family had the feeling that they were isolated, because military personnel were hated by all the people,” the leader of a native ministry said.

Help Harvest Souls in Burma

Military offensives drove members of an ethnic group staunchly opposed to the gospel from their homes even before the February 2021 military coup, providing opportunities for local missionaries to minister to them. After regular visits from workers who provided aid and proclaimed the gospel, recently 10 of the displaced ethnic people put their faith in Christ.

Help Cover Worker Expenses in Burma

Local missionaries are distributing aid and sharing the gospel with people living in desperation amid war, COVID-19 and economic collapse. Displaced persons and others receive rice, clothing and financial help along with the gospel, bringing hope in Christ.

Provide Aid to the Needy in Burma

As military conflict has intensified, more people have lost income or been driven from their homes into jungles. Local missionaries have provided food, health care and other aid to Internally Displaced People and children’s homes.

Military Conflict in Burma Drives People to Christ

Burma’s internal military conflicts have curtailed ministry efforts, but the chaos also has helped expand God’s kingdom as displaced people take refuge at a Bible college and Christian camps. Among those fleeing to the jungles or to neighboring countries are young people, a native ministry leader said.

Help Support Native Missionaries in Burma

Buddhists are usually closed to the gospel, but recently local missionaries were able to proclaim Christ to hundreds displaced by war, with 50 coming to saving faith in the Lord’s death and resurrection.

Help Support Local Missionaries in Burma

Working amid coup-related violence and another wave of COVID-19, local missionaries provided food as well as the message of eternal life in Christ to hundreds of war victims in camps for the internally displaced.