Silence is Not an Option

For a moment in time—when a democratically elected president stood at Myanmar’s helm—a generation of young adults hoped life would be different than it had been for the generations that came before them. But in February 2021, when that same president was overthrown in a military coup, that dream shattered.

Deliver Bibles To The Broken-Hearted in Myanmar

Christian workers from one native ministry have delivered Bibles—often through smugglers’ routes—to refugees in at least five camps as well as to refugees living in 10 different countries. In some places, the transport was particularly dangerous as the Bibles were confiscated by soldiers; but each time, the missionaries were miraculously able to recover them.

Help Expand God’s Kingdom in Ivory Coast

A tribal priest who practiced witchcraft was a persecutor of Christians and the reason a native ministry was unable to plant a church in his village. But as missionaries led a revival in another town, his pregnant wife became ill and, after the doctor said he could not heal her, she was brought to them for help.

Share The Hope Of Christ in Myanmar

Evangelism seems impossible in the war-torn country, but missionaries persevere, traveling to villages and preaching the gospel, baptizing new believers, and fellowshipping. “As you know, the situation in our country is getting worse,” one ministry leader said. “But by the grace of God we try our best to reach our people with the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

Share The Lord’s Mercy in Myanmar

The civil war in Myanmar continues to inflict terror and tragedy, with soldiers now going door to door demanding that men ages 18 to 35 join the military. A native ministry’s building that housed more than 60 children and young people was destroyed by a bomb, and one of its churches in another village was also destroyed during fighting.

Help Vulnerable Students Receive An Education in Myanmar

An 11-year-old boy was accepted into a native ministry’s school after the director happened upon him, his younger siblings, his mother, and grandparents following their escape from their village, which had been bombed as part of the ongoing civil war.

Train Leaders For War-Torn Mission Field in Myanmar

Thousands of people have been brutally murdered in Myanmar’s ongoing civil war, and many thousands more have fled their homes. But the Holy Spirit continues to move despite the oppressive fear that hangs over the country.

Send the Salvation Message in Burma

Sometimes relocating from one place to another to escape military and other violence, native Christian workers at one ministry shared the gospel with 4,500 people over a period of six months. Helping to meet humanitarian needs such as food and health care opened the way for many gospel discussions, and the ministry emphasizes one-on-one evangelism as most effective.

Provide Care to Traumatized People in Burma

The military regime in Burma continues to attack its own citizens to quash resistance, causing innocent civilians to suffer. A ministry reported that a village was destroyed just 10 minutes from its headquarters. At least 150 houses were burned, two people were burned alive, and four others are missing.

Help Workers Pioneer the Gospel in Burma

A new mission field has opened up for native Christian workers in a town of staunch Buddhists. A contact there recently invited workers to share the gospel, and they found local people were receptive. Seven people put their faith in Christ for forgiveness of sins and eternal life and were baptized the next day.